Hello from Heaven

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Hello from Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim © 1995

Book summary by Dr. Denice Moffat


Hello from Heaven book cover

After Death Communications

Hello from Heaven: A new field of research—After-Death Communication—confirms that life and love are eternal by the Guggenheims, is one of my most favorite books on After Death Communication. It’s estimated that 60-120 million Americans—20-40% of the population of the United States–have had one or more ADC experiences.

An After Death Communication (ADC) is defined as a direct one-to-one experience involving the person in this dimension making contact with someone in another dimension. No intermediaries (like psychics, mediums or hypnotists) are involved in ADCs.

ADCs happen spontaneously. The deceased loved one chooses the time, place and method of communication. There are no rituals, séances, Ouija boards, crystal balls or other devices used.

Initially, Bill did not believe in communication with the dead, but his then wife, Judy roped him into watching an interview of Elisabeth Kubler Ross (the doctor who started the hospice movement) on a television show. He was so taken with Elisabeth and her sincerity that he decided to attend a workshop she was giving.

At the workshop Elisabeth recounted a story about an ADC she had with a patient who contacted her at a time in her life when she had decided to retire from the death and dying business.

A woman walked up to Elisabeth in the hallway outside her office. Elisabeth recognized the woman as a former patient who had died, yet she was present and talking to Elisabeth.  The woman said, “I had to come back for two reasons. Number one, I wanted to thank you and Reverend Smith once more for what you have done for me. But the real reason why I had to come back is to tell you not to give up your work on death and dying. Not yet.”

Well, Elisabeth was thinking that nobody would believe her, she knew she wasn’t hallucinating, so she shrewdly looked at the woman and said, “You know, Reverend Smith would be thrilled if he would have a note from you. Would you terribly mind?”  The woman knew what Elisabeth was thinking. The apparition took out a piece of paper, wrote a message and signed her full name to the paper then walked out the door and disappeared.

Bill wondered if this was just a fluke or did other people have similar experiences with the dead. He was hooked.

The beginnings of Hello from Heaven started in 1988 with an idea, 1000 flyers, 1000 business cards, a telephone line, a post office box and a checking account.  The goal for their first year of research was to interview 500 people who felt they had made contact with a loved one from the other side.

What the Guggenheims were not prepared for was the deluge of responses they received from all 50 states and all the provinces of Canada from bereavement groups, churches, hospice organizations, personal growth classes, conferences, social organizations and spiritual bookstores.  Their call for stories exceeded FAR beyond their expectations.  The characteristics and diversity of the communications exploded, eventually encompassing 13 chapters (pet ADCs are not included in this book—See Talking to Heaven by James Van Praagh for this topic.)

It took the Guggenheims seven years to write the book. Over those years they collected 3300 firsthand accounts of After Death Communications from interviewing over 2000 people. Most of these accounts were recanted to the authors over 45-60 minute telephone interviews. All people interviewed were Catholic, Protestant, Christian or Jewish religions; in good health and had not ingested drugs or alcohol at the time of their ADC.

With the momentum from the book research, the ADC Project was formed (See link below).

Over 350 stories of After Death Communication are included in Hello from Heaven. These ADCs encompass several categories; each with a chapter of its own, some of which include:

The Sentient ADC: These ADC’s are where one senses a presence. For example, after first sensing the presence:

  • Seeing a bed depress where the family cat used to sleep before she passed over.
  • Seeing animals playing with their spirit friends in the same way they did when they were alive.
  • Seeing lights flicker in the room when talking about a deceased loved one.
  • Having special songs come onto the radio at that very time you are having thoughts of a deceased friends.

Telephone ADCs: Did you know that your loved ones can actually call you or send text messages? I just can’t resist sharing one story from the book with you from this chapter (page 186). It’s about tying up look ends after a loved one passes over.  Terry’s mother died of cancer at age 76. She had a series of telephone ADCs with her mother.

“Mother had bought two new pairs of shoes, but she had not been able to wear them when she got really sick. She was a very thrifty, very frugal person, and before she died, she asked me to take them back and get the money out of them for myself. But I had not done it.  

“Within a period of six weeks after she died, I had three phone calls while I was asleep. Each time, a phone rang in my sleep, and when I answered it, it was Mother! The first time she talked to me, I asked her how she was. She said everything was fine, and I told her that I missed her. She asked, ‘have you taken the shoes back yet?’ That seemed to be worrying her. I said, ‘No’ and started to cry. Then the call was terminated when she said, ‘I have to go now. Good-bye.’ 

“About a week later, the second call was basically the same. Again, she asked me if I had taken the shoes back. And I said, ‘No, not yet. But I’m going to.’ 

“The third time she called and asked about the shoes again, I started crying. Then she said, ‘Terry, if you don’t quit crying I won’t call you anymore.’”

One thing I’ve learned with all my reading on communication with the dead is that we have to come up to their vibration and they have to learn to come down to our vibration to be able to communicate with us. If that doesn’t happen the communication can’t take place. Crying and grieving often bring our vibration down so that other forms of communication have to be used (like rainbows, dreams and hearing special songs on the radio).

Sleep State ADCs: Loved ones connect through dreams quite often because this doesn’t frighten most people. The dreams are more vivid than usual dreams and the dreamer has total recall of the dream.

Visual ADCs involve angels, relatives or pets appearing just when you need them most.

Once a car of mine broke down in the middle of a desert. My friend had determined that a fuse had shorted out, but when we tried to make do with what we had, nothing worked. We had no water and it was very hot out.  We were beating ourselves up about that when a couple showed up out of nowhere and told us they had seen a car with the exact model as ours down the road in a farm pasture about two miles back. The man drove my friend to the car hoping to get the fuse that we needed. The woman stayed with me and we chatted about nothing in particular really. She seemed concerned that we had not brought water with us while traveling through the desert.

When my friend and the man got back with the fuse, the woman got out of the car and my friend got behind the wheel and turned the ignition over and the car started. We were so relieved! We got out of the car to thank them but they were gone. We didn’t hear a car leave and didn’t see any sign of them. We believe they were angels because we were in the middle of nowhere and could see for a mile in all directions. We also noticed after the car started again that we were low on gas but after driving a few more miles the gas tank registered a full ¼ tank MORE gas! We even had the gas gage checked when we got back home to make sure it was functioning properly. It was.

Could these have been earthbound spirits? or angels? or did someone watching over us have enough energy to manifest as a full apparition?

Symbolic ADCs can involve rainbows, butterflies and even music boxes. People often comment that rainbows show up at memorial services and that a once-broken music box all of a sudden started playing again in the middle of the night after thinking about who gave them the gift.

ADCs for Protection: When I was young I loved the flavor of oranges. In the middle of the night one night I got up and headed to the kitchen for something to eat and remembered there was orange flavored aspirin way up in a cupboard. It was quite a task to get up onto the counter and climb the cupboard to get to that bottle. I had downed about three quarters of the bottle when my mom said she heard a very loud voice roust her out of sleep. It said, “Denice is into the aspirin” so she jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen. “What are you doing!?” I remember her asking in a panic. She frightened me so much I dropped the bottle onto the floor. She grabbed me and headed to the hospital where I had my stomach pumped. I don’t know who woke my mom up, but I probably wouldn’t have been here today if they hadn’t.

Olfactory ADCs: Many times in my life I’ve smelled tobacco smoke or a special perfume or flowers associated with a loved one who has passed over. Once a friend and myself were visiting one of my clients and we were talking about her dad and how he often visited from the other side. Just at that time, we all smelled tobacco around the stairway of her house (an ADCs with a witness.) As we talked about her father and she greeted him, the smell went away.

Tactile ADCs involve feeling the touch of a loved one. I had a receptionist once who said one of the bedrooms in her house was haunted. She was Mormon and so had special prayers to drive satan’s minions out. I asked her why they kept coming back. Every time she had guests sleep in the bedroom their covers would be ripped off of them in the middle of the night. This happened several times. We finally determined through muscle testing that her home was on top of an old Indian home and that the tribe was invaded during the night and their village burned including the tee pee that was the home of a young married couple in their 20s with them in it. The married couple thought they were saving lives by keeping people from sleeping so that the visitors would be prepared for any intrusions. Once we knew this, we talked to the couple, had their family come to meet them and take them to the Light. The cover pulling instances stopped after that.

Another instance of tactile ADCs happened when we were remodeling the 1927 home we owned before moving to our current forever home. Michael was using a handsaw upside down to cut out a cubby hole from the hundred year old very hard wood. The thought came to him that he should ask his dad, a carpenter, for help from the other side. At just that instant he felt the saw slide easily and effortlessly right through the hard wood with no problem, as if he wasn’t even sawing on his own!

Goodbye Visits:  Often a loved one passing over will make one last visit to people they care about before crossing into the Light.  That person sees them minutes to hours before someone else in the family calls to notify them of their passing.

Suicide Intervention ADCs. Many suicide attempts are thwarted by loved ones on the other side. They often intervene by using all kinds of different ADC methods. Those people who shared their suicide intervention stories in Hello from Heaven were truly moved in such a way that they never wanted to ever be suicidal again.

Those people who have accomplished suicide are always remorseful for the pain they have caused those they left behind.

ADCs with a Witness: My mom was in the hospital getting her first hip replaced after my father died. I was sitting by her bed when the nurse came in to attend to her. I noticed her name tag said Anne, Visiting Nurse. Anne did her thing and then she left and another nurse came in. My mom mentioned that she was getting extra attention as the last nurse just left. “What nurse?” asked the nurse. “The visiting nurse–her name was Anne” mom said. “We don’t have any visiting nurses and we don’t have any nurses named Anne” said the nurse. Mom and I just looked at each other. Dad’s first wife (also crossed over) was a nurse and her name was Anne. She had a job as a visiting nurse! We think it was dad’s way of telling mom that he was doing what he could for her under the circumstances.

The most common messages the Guggenheims heard when interviewing people for this book was that our loved ones who have passed over are happy, they want to see us again and that we are watched over and cared for on this side by them. Overall the deceased loved ones look glowing and radiant and are very happy. They communicate with us telepathically and know our thoughts. When they communicate they do so in unique ways that won’t frighten us and send messages that only you would understand in an attempt to prove that you indeed have had and ADC.

After Death Communications provide comfort and emotional healing. I know myself and my clients who have shared some of these communications feel very honored to have experienced those communications. I think Hello from Heaven is required reading for everybody. I also suspect that many of you have had ADCs but haven’t recognized them as such. When you read the book, this should be undeniable and quite evident to you.

Helpful Links and References for After Death Communication

An awesome list is at the back of this book, but some of the references that have many local chapters in your state include: