Homeopathic Use

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Homeopathic Use:

Instructions for Homeopathic Use of Remedies

  • Always take the homeopathic remedy at least 10 minutes before or after smoking, eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.
  • Hold the homeopathic remedy in your mouth- under the tongue for 20-30 seconds before swallowing for maximum benefit.
  • If more than one homeopathic remedy is recommended, allow at least 5 minutes between dosages if possible. For taking homeopathics that are already mixed combinations: You can take one remedy after another and hold the entire combination in your mouth at the same time.
  • Take care that your lips do not touch the homeopathic remedy bottle causing contamination of contents. Rinse the dropper in soapy water if you happen to touch the dropper’s surface to a contaminated surface. If the liquid spills over, leave it. Don’t contaminate the rest of the bottle by trying to put it back into the bottle. The homeopathic will be ruined and useless by doing this.
  • For homeopathic tablets, take care not to touch the pills with your hands to put them back into the bottle if you have tapped too many out into the lid. Use the lid or a piece of paper to scoot tablets back into the original container. You may touch the pills you have counted out that are not going to be put back into the bottle to put them under your tongue. If more than 7 tablets are used at a time put them in 4 oz. of water then take a sip every 15 minutes until gone. For less than 7 pills you may take them all at once under the tongue and let them dissolve.
  • Do not transfer homeopathic remedy contents of the remedy bottle to another container unless you know for sure that it is clean and sterile. Label the bottles so you know what’s in them.
  • Store homeopathic remedies away from electromagnetic producing sources such as microwave ovens, computers, electric appliances, x-ray equipment, fax machines or televisions.
  • Store homeopathic remedies away from strong odors such as menthol, mint, camphor, essential oils, tiger balm, lip balm, deep heat liniments, cough lozenges, moth balls, chewing gum, aromatic toothpaste, chemical fumes, perfumes or incense. The average medicine cabinet or purse with perfume or hair spray in it is NOT the ideal place for storage.
  • If the liquid homeopathic remedy is older than 6 months of age, shake vigorously 100 times against the palm of your hand prior to taking it. This percussing reactivates the homeopathic energetically and vibrationally making it potent once again. These products, if they have not been contaminated, really do last indefinitely (even though the bottle has been kept past its expiration date.)
  • If your symptoms are aggravated, (this can happen with the higher strength C and M doses but not usually with the X strength doses of homeopathic remedies) this is usually a good sign that your immune system is fighting back and healing is in process. This is called “retracing” or “proving” the formula and lets you know you have the perfect remedy for your condition. If you are uncomfortable you can temporarily stop the use of the homeopathic remedy and the symptoms will go away. Even though this is almost always a good “healing” sign, it is best to check with your naturopath, homeopath or doctor.

Homeopathic Use:

YouTube Video with Dr. Moffat on How to Use Homeopathics:

Homeopathic remedies are not taken for prevention. They are taken for symptoms and dis-ease.

If you take too strong of a dose of a homeopathic remedy, for too long, you could “prove” the product. This means that the homeopathic is actually causing the symptoms you are trying to get rid of. This happens most often with single homeopathic remedies with a potency of M.

I use combination homeopathic products that are lower dose. They usually take longer to heal, but are safer to use, especially for people are not used to using homeopathic remedies. I have only seen a few people “prove” the homeopathic since I’ve been practicing holistic medicine (I started in 1993). One case I recall where the woman proved the homeopathic was when she was taking some Herpes drops every day (for prevention). She came down with a whopping case of herpes symptoms then wondered where she had gone wrong.

I wondered why she was ordering so much remedy (and this is why I only dispense to people after establishing a client-patient relationship) but she kind of tricked me. She said she had lost a bottle then she wanted another bottle to keep at work and I didn’t realize when was taking it when it wasn’t necessary. Homeopathic remedies take a bit of education to use. I don’t want this to happen to YOU if at all possible.

You may notice if you have an infant, cat, or dog you are giving some homeopathic remedies to that they do not like the taste of the alcohol that is used as a preservative in most liquid homeopathic remedies. If this is happening, get a mug and fill it half full with boiling water. Now set the bottle of homeopathic remedies in the hot water and take the dropper off the bottle placing the dropper in a clean place.

Let the alcohol be heated by the hot water bath to evaporate out. As the water in the cup cools, replace it two or three times with more boiling water. It will take the “edge” off the taste and make the drops more tolerable. The homeopathic will not be preserved as long this way, but at least you can use it without a big fight and a few scratches.

For infants you can apply the homeopathic drops directly to the skin. Vary the location daily just in case it causes toxins to come out the skin.

***If you have any questions, please consult the doctor who recommended your homeopathic remedies.***

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