The Alternating Hot/Cold Soak Method

The most effective technique that I know of for sinus, tooth and eye problems is the hot/cold soak.  This one is an easy, effective, cheap treatment that you can do at home. It helps for allergies, bacterial, fungal or viral infections, abscesses, ear infections and anything else associated with the head where many prescription drugs fail to penetrate quickly.

I haven’t tried this technique with headaches. I think there are better techniques for that, but even if you are using “real” drugs, this treatment will help increase the circulation to the head making the doctor’s treatment more effective. And for toothaches, it just might help you get through the weekend until you can see your regular dentist.

Here’s what you do:

1) Step One: Take two pans of water large enough to put your feet into. One should be filled with very hot but not scorching water and the other pan with cold water (add some ice cubes to this one.) Add a clean washcloth to each pan.

2) Step Two: Take the hot washcloth, squeeze the water out, and put it on your face for three minutes. At the same time, have your feet in the cold water.

3) Step Three: Now, switch, and put the cold washcloth over your face for three minutes and your feet in the hot water bath for that same time.

4) Step Four: Repeat the process for three full cycles. Do this 1-2 times/day for four days and I think you will be well on your way to recovery.

The purpose of the hot/cold treatment is to flush the circulation from one end of your body to the other which moves and dislodges stagnated chi or energy.

Once you’ve got this process down pat, add a golf ball to each pan of water and roll your foot over it trying to locate the tender spots. When you locate them, work the area with the ball as a self-reflexology treatment.

Helpful herbs for these kind of problems are ginger, cayenne, and horseradish.

Helpful homeopathic remedies for these types of challenges are: Viral Immune Stimulator Drops, Bacterial System Stimulator drops and Mycological System Stimulator Drops.

Many of the cancer clinics in Mexico use a modification of this technique where you take a shower with hot/cold water. For that technique use 15 seconds as hot as you can take it then 15 seconds as cold as you can take it.

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