Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling

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Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling

Book © 2007 by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Review by Denice Moffat

Michael and I unsubscribed to a monthly subscription we had been getting for two years because we felt it was bringing in some excess negative energy into our house that we did not need. We don’t get TV and we no longer get the newspaper. Overall, we try to surround ourselves with people, places, things, books and movies that support a positive mental attitude. I don’t even knowingly let people touch any of my supplements or herbs if I know they have depressed energy. You may think we take these things to the extreme, and maybe we do, but it takes a lot of paying attention to stay focused and positive and we know that one person’s positive energy can cancel out a hundred or more people’s negative energy.

With that said, this month’s Media Review is on Wayne Dyer’s book, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling. There were some very special passages from Wayne’s book I want to share with you as an example of how wonderful it is. Wayne also suggests various ideas and exercises at the end of each chapter for putting the individual chapters to work in practical ways.

You get what you focus on (From page 9) Wayne relates this story: “At a recent lecture. . . a woman named Rolina De Silva approached me at the break to ask if I’d visit her teenage daughter, Alison, in the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Alison had been hospitalized for many, many months due to a rare disease that’s characterized by a breakdown of the lymphatic system. Her intestines had been perforated, so she was unable to process proteins and fats. . .and her prognosis was dismal at best.

“As I sat with Alison on my third visit with her, I held her hand and noticed that a scab was forming on the top of her hand from a minor injury brought about by an intravenous injection. Something came over me in that moment and I looked into the girl’s eyes and reminded her that the scab was a gift to her. It indicated that the essence of well-being (our Source) was working within her. I reminded her that all she had to do was to summon that same well-being to her abdomen. ‘You’re already connected to Sprit,’ I almost shouted, ‘otherwise you wouldn’t be growing a scab over that cut on your hand!’

“When I spoke with Rolina 14 months later, I asked if she remembered that day in the hospital when I held Alison’s hand and felt inspired by the scab. Rolina replied that that day was a new beginning for her daughter, as something inside of her opened. . .Today Alison is back home and actually doing work to raise money for that same hospital.”

Related to Depression. I often see clients who are on antidepressants yet their Life Force reading is below 60—a sure sign they are not on what I call their “God Path.” Wayne writes a paragraph on why this happens.

(From page 10) “Also, keep in mind that our creative force is a forthcoming energy. I find that when I emulate it, the result is inspiration flowing through my life, and I’m living a life that is my ultimate calling. If I feel called to something higher and then do nothing about it, I’ll generally find myself experiencing discontentment and disappointment. But when I act upon that calling by being in vibrational harmony with it, and by being willing to share it with as many people as possible, I feel inspired.”

(Denice’s Note: When my clients get to that point in their healing where they are sharing their gifts and passions with the world, the need for most of those antidepressants disappears.)

You manifest what you think about says Wayne. (Page 116) “Our expectations are virtual ideas that are manifesting right now in our life. Remember that we receive what we match up with energetically, so if we persist in expecting our ideas to work we’ll create an idea who time has come. It’s our job to shift the energy of our thoughts so that they harmonize with what it is that we truly wish to attract.”

Do you watch the news? Wayne says it’s addictive (Page 159) “We’re constantly subjected to this army of bad-news collectors who gather and disseminate low-vibrational energy for our consumption. Keeping in mind that being inspired is about feeling good and returning to our Source of love, it’s imperative to become aware of what we’re allowing into our consciousness.” He continues. “When we watch or listen to such messages, we can simply check in with our heart self and ask, ‘Is this a match to how I want to feel? If I continue to stay connected to these energies, will I feel good (God) or bad?”

(Denice’s Note: This month while I was looking for health in the news articles I did a Google search and checked out the World Health Organization’s website in that particular area. Well, within ten minutes I found myself actually thinking, “Gee, what’s the use. The whole world is going to die within the next decade or two anyway.” I know there is important information on that site, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting it again in the near future. I got up and went outside to rake leaves and reconnect with the Earth energy.)

How does one know when they are aligned with their God Path? (Page 228) “Feeling energized, content, excited, and happy are better indicators of our health and well-being than having our bodily functions assessed by a distant laboratory. A positive honest response to the question, ‘Does this [or will this] make me feel good?’ tells us immediately if we’re aligned with our Creative Source or not.”

What about life’s challenges? (Page 248) Wayne quotes one of my favorite poets (and I’m not really that fond of poetry, but I do love Rumi): “If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

So, that’s a taste of the book. I hope you purchase a copy and read it. Living by it would be just awesome as well! This world can use all the help it can get.

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