• On the Island of Hawaii
  • There lived a little boy,
  • His parents named him Kale’a
  • The Hawaiian word for joy.
  • He loved to surf the ocean
  • And run across the sand,
  • He whispered into sea shells
  • And grew to love the land.
  • He learned much from his grandparents
  • All the wisdom of their years,
  • They told him many stories
  • About how to face his fears.
  • He had many animal and human friends
  • With whom he loved to play,
  • Each morning he would wake up
  • Thanking Spirit for his day.
  • One day while on his way to school
  • He stopped to see blue bird,
  • He called out to the nest above
  • But he didn’t hear a word.
  • He gave a another call out
  • And Mrs. Bird flew to the ground,
  • Baby bird is very sick she cried
  • and he just won’t come around.
  • I’ll go get my grandfather, Kale’a said
  • He always knows just what to do,
  • Don’t worry; I’ll bring him right away
  • So baby bird will make it through.
  • Thank you Kale’a, Mrs.Blue Bird cheeped
  • And Kale’a ran fast as a lion,
  • Come quick, he told his grandfather
  • Baby bird is sick and dying.
  • Grandfather’s legs were strong and young
  • And they ran back to the tree,
  • They called up to Mrs. Blue Bird
  • And the sick baby he did see.
  • Grandfather said a blessing
  • And to the little bird connected,
  • It is time for his spirit to soar he said
  • But he is safe and well protected.
  • They gathered around the baby bird
  • And prayed with all their might,
  • Baby bird gave a shallow little breath
  • And then soared into the light.
  • Grandfather gently held the Baby Bird
  • And they all cried out together,
  • He knelt down next to Mrs. Blue Bird
  • And he handed her a feather.
  • I know you have great sadness,
  • Grandfather spoke to Mrs. Bird,
  • But Baby bird is with us still
  • Though his voice cannot be heard.
  • He is in every rainbow
  • Every drop of morning dew,
  • He is the tree within the forest
  • He is always part of you.
  • We are born onto this great Earth
  • Though one day we must fly,
  • We leave behind our bodies
  • But our spirit does not die.
  • Soon other animals gathered
  • From down below and up above,
  • They surrounded Mrs. Blue Bird
  • And their hearts poured out with love.
  • The little boy whose name meant joy
  • Felt the love of all who live,
  • His grandfather said to Kale’a
  • We receive back what we give.
  • He said know when I leave this Earth
  • I am never far away,
  • And when you start to feel afraid
  • Call out to me to play.
  • Kale’a hugged his grandfather
  • And they walked back home together,
  • He looked up at the setting sun
  • And gently flew a feather.
  • He knew that it was Baby bird
  • Sending him a sign,
  • That he was soaring with the wind
  • And that everything was fine.

© Jen Reich 10/29/08

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