Karmic Debt Release

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Karmic Debt Release

How to Release KARMIC Causes that Create Present Day Circumstances. Technique developed by Becky Rousseau.

Glossary of terms for Karmic Debt Release:

  • Akashic Records: The stored information of all human life, past present and future.
  • Hall of Records: Where the Akashic records are kept
  • Book of Life: Each person has a Book of Life in the Hall of Records, where all of his or her personal information is stored
  • Muscle testing: also called kinesiology in which you ask yes or no questions and get answers from your, body, mind and soul.
  • Chakras: 7 major energy centers that distribute energy to glands, organs and systems in the body

Visualize yourself going into the Hall of Records. One visualization could be, you walking up huge steps with pillars on either side, at the top you go into a huge hall, with bookshelves on both sides stacked with Books of Life of everyone who has ever lived on planet earth. These books contain the life stories of every person’s life that has ever lived, with every thought that has ever been thought and every thing that has ever been done. There is a desk at the back of the room and the Divine Keeper of the Akashic Records sits there to be of assistance to you.

You approach and say:

1. “Divine Keeper of the Akashic Records please pull out for me ALL of the karma having to do with this cancer on my face”.

Say it for whatever your issue is, whether it is relationships, health, spiritual, deep fear, poverty or any emotions like anger, self-hatred etc.

2. “God please send all of the blessings needed to completely dissolve all of this karma that has been separated out (and every one involved in it)”. Asking Divine Grace to assist  and speed it up.

3. Then ask God to have all of the shifts, changes and integration within your body to happen so that your body stays comfortable.

4. Twice a day, for three days say “God please change my energy in order to accommodate the expansion”.

Wait 4-6 days before doing another issue.

If you can do muscle testing, or if your intuition is very good, ask your body if you can do more at one time, and if it says yes, proceed.

If your body gets uncomfortable say, ‘I command all changes, shifts and integration to stop until my body can handle it”.

Also, if you have done too much work, ask if you need any help in balancing and stabilizing your body from earth, air, fire, water or the ethers, sun, moon, or stars.  Whichever one your body needs help from, ask for it to come and balance and stabilize all glands, organs, systems, energy, aura and chakras.

Then ask if you need any vitamins, minerals, or herbs, or different methods to release toxins. Ask for the highest energy available to people on earth today to release all toxicity from your body, or bring in Red Scorpion etherically. You can ask for toxins to be released from specific parts, such as your lymphatic system, muscles, glands, organs etc. You can also do physical things like Epson salt bath, Miracle ll bath, QV footbath, juicing, or whatever method you know of to release toxicity.

My recommendation is to do this process Friday after work because you may feel like going to sleep (coffee and chocolate can help). Drink lots of water, and if you get shaky you may need extra protein. 

Other helpers for keeping your body balanced, and stabilized:

  1. Jesus
  2. Holy Spirit
  3. Divine Grace
  4. Divine Mother(feminine aspect of God)
  5. Blessed Virgin Mary
  6. Mary Magdalene

Becky Rousseau was born in 1948. She had a dream of who she would marry when she was eight years old, met him at a dance when she was 14, got married in 1971 at the age of 23 while teaching 1st grade. Becky started her healing journey in 1978, doing Rebirthing, Abundant Life Process, Sensory Learning, and healing sessions with several famous healers (see below for Helpful Links and References).

Helpful Links and References for Releasing Karmic Debt: