Lice and SimpleGuard3

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Hi Denice! Went to the vet with the dogs a coupla weeks ago. Checkups, shots, etc. You were right, it was lice (no, we typically don’t have fleas in Alaska). And way to go! I casually mentioned the juvenile cataracts to the vet and she sees no sign of it! ‘Just a little haze on one eye’ I think were her words. Thank you so much! Panda needs to lose a little weight but that’s easy.
So I gave them each an application of ‘ SimpleGuard3’… Which didn’t agree w Mingus’ skin. He has red skin eczema with raised bumps all around his crotch. Got any ideas for how I should manage the lice? I did a sanitary wash on the dog bed covers, had the carpets cleaned too (that was amazing timing!!) so that stuff is covered.
Happy to book rechecks if needed as well. Many blessings to you from all of us! Thank you, Sara.

Dear Sara: Well, I think a good medicated bath will help remove some of that SimpleGuard3, but it will have to wear off and detox out of the body over time. Feel free to check with me in the future before applying any other topicals. As for the lice, use the Mycodex shampoo we found that Mingus likes when we tested out the best shampoo for him and add 10 drops of Clove Essential Oil to the 8 oz. bottle, shampoo the dogs, leave it on for 6 minutes and then rinse really well.

The clove oil mixed with a flea shampoo or medicated shampoo does a spectacular job of killing lice (in both animals and humans by the way). People with head lice usually have to repeat the shampoo procedure for three days in a row, but I’m testing the lads only need one bath. Good luck!