List of Allergies

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For this section of the exam I muscle test the major categories listed below and then “fine tune it” for you by telling you exactly what you are allergic to.  It’s really amazing how accurate muscle testing can be if you let it. 

The one downfall to this testing is that it won’t pick up (most times) what you already know you are allergic to–because you are already avoiding it anyway.  Also, I’ve noticed it only allows us to tell you those things you are allergic to that are currently in your life or that you will soon be exposed to– up to a few weeks in advance. 

Here are the main Allergy categories: 

  Specific Foods   Seasonal Allergies
  Spices/Extracts/Misc.   Flowers
  Food Additives   Bulbs
  Food Dyes   Trees
  Chemical Preservatives   Grasses
  Nutrients & Dietary Supplements   Other Green Plants
  Emulsifying Agents   Molds/Mildews
  Anti-caking Agents   Petrochemicals
  General Purpose Additives   Contact Allergies
  Sequestrants   Animals
  Synthetic Flavorings   Cleaning Agents
  Stabilizers   Cosmetics
  Fertilizers   Allergies to drinks
  Herbicides   Inhalant Allergies
  Pesticides   Cigarette Smoke
  Fungicides   Other:

I have a notebook crammed with list after list of all the details I use to complete the testing process so you know exactly what it is that is irritating your body which is way too much information for a web page, but you get the idea. 

Homeopathic remedies do an excellent job at helping to manage all kinds of allergies, but you also have to do your part in avoiding the allergens that you can. My personal favorite line of homeopathics is Professional Health Formulations remedies. They are combination remedies that work quite well. Each bottle runs $13-15 or I can request a Custom Formula for $25-$85.  Some of my favorites are: 

  • Household Dust and Molds
  • Sick Building Detox Drops
  • Food Additive Detox Drops
  • Tree Mix I and II
  • Grains and Seeds
  • Grass and Weed
  • Flower Mix
  • Biting Insect Mix
  • Animal Mix (for cat and other pet allergies)

Please note that we don’t sell products online and are not an online store. If you are interested in these products you have to become a client first. Sorry for that inconvienence.


  • Your Health, Your Choice  by Dr. Ted Morter of Morter Health Systems 1-800-874-1478
  • Iridology: The Science and Practice In The Healing Arts, Volume II, by Bernard Jensen, D.C. ND