List of Eggs and Roes

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My brother and sister-in-law visited us once from Montana. At breakfast my brother said, “Hey, there’s something wrong with these eggs—the yolks are orange!” I had to explain to him the difference between farm fresh eggs and commercial eggs. Commercially hens are raised in small cages. The yolks are yellow because they are fed marigold flower pieces (which by the way they WON’T eat if given other things to eat.) Anyway, farm fresh organic eggs are the best tasting eggs on the planet. (And my brother even ate the fresh chopped kale I put into the omelet and said it was surprisingly wonderful.) Here’s the list

  • Caviar
  • Chicken Egg, White
  • Chicken Egg, Whole
  • Chicken Egg, Yolk
  • Chicken Egg, Omega
  • Duck Egg
  • Duck Egg, White
  • Egg, Whole
  • Eggs, Organic
  • Eggs, Farm Fresh
  • Eggs, Free Range
  • Eggs, High Omega
  • Goose Egg
  • Quail Egg
  • Roe, Carp
  • Roe, Herring
  • Roe, Sailfish
  • Roe, Salmon
  • Turkey eggs 

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