Permaculture Design Exercise:

List of Grasses on Elk Meadow Farm in Deary, ID 83823

Alkali (Puccinellia)
Barley (Hordeum)
Bentgrass (Agrostis)
Blue (Poa bulbosa)
Blue (Poa)
Brome (Bromus)
Canary (Phalaris)
Crabgrass (Digitaria)
Fescue, Annual ((Vulpai)
Fescue, Perennial (Festuca)
Foxtail (Alopecurus)
Manna (glyceria)
Orchard (Dactylis)
Panicum (Panicum)
Quack (Agropyron)
Rye (Lolium)
Sweetgrass (Hierochloe) in the hoop house
Timothy (Phleum)
Trisetum (Trisetum)
Vernal (Anthoxanthum)
Wheat (Agropyron

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