Ahh spring. The season where everything starts to burst out of the ground a bloom. Allergies bloom at this time of year too for humans, dogs and horses if you can believe that. I’ve actually had to make some custom homeopathic remedies to help horses with their grass allergies over the years. Imagine being a horse allergic to what you eat most of the time. Crazy isn’t it? Anyway here’s the list I use to test with. 

  • Alaska Alkali Grass (Puccinellia nutkaensis)
  • Alaska Brome (Bromus sitchensis)
  • Alaska Onion Grass (Melica subulata)
  • Barley Grass
  • Beach Grass, European (Ammophilia arenaria)
  • Blue Grass, Seashore (Poa macrantha)
  • Blue Joint (Calamagrostis canadensis)
  • Blue Wild Rye (Elymus glaucus)
  • Bluegrass, Annual (Poa annua)
  • Bluegrass, Arctic (Poa arctica)
  • Bluegrass, Dune (Poa macrantha)
  • Bluegrass, Fowl (Poa palustris)
  • Bluegrass, Kentucky (Poa pratensis)
  • Brome Columbia (Bromus vulgaris)
  • Brome, Soft (Bromus hordeaceus)
  • Crab Grass, Hairy (Digitaria sanguinalis)
  • Crouch Grass (Agropyron repens)
  • Dune Grass (Elymus mollis)
  • Dune Wild Rye (Elymus mollis)
  • Fescue Western (Festuca occidentalis)
  • Fescue, Barren (Vulpia bromoides)
  • Fescue, Bearded (Festuca subulata)
  • Fountain Grass
  • Foxtail, Green (Setaria viridis)
  • Green Bristle Grass (Setaria viridis)
  • Hair Grass, Early (Aira praecox)
  • Hedgehog Dogtail (Cynosurus echinatus)
  • Johnson Grass
  • Large Barnyard Grass (Echinochioa crusgalli)
  • Manna Grass, Northern (Glyceria borealis)
  • Manna Grass, Tall (Glyceria elata)
  • Marram Grass (Ammophilia arenaria)
  • Meadow Barley (Hordeum brachyantherum)
  • Mountain Hair Grass (Vahlodea atropurpurea)
  • Nodding Semaphore Grass (Pleuropogon retractus)
  • Nodding Trisetum (Trisetum cernuum)
  • Nodding Wood Reed (Cinna latifolia)
  • Nootka Reed Grass (Calamagrostis nutkaensis)
  • Oat Grass False (Arrhenatherum elatius)
  • Oat Grass, Tall (Arrhenatherum elatius)
  • Orchard Grass (Dactylis giomerata)
  • Pacific Alkali Grass (Puccinellia nutkaensis)
  • Quack Grass (Agrophyron repens)
  • Red Fescus (Festuca rubra)
  • Reed Grass, Giant
  • Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea)
  • Reed, Common (Phragmites australis)
  • Ryegrass, English (Lolium perenne)
  • Ryegrass, Perennial (Lolium perenne)
  • Seashore Salt Grass (Distichlis spicata)
  • Short Awn Foxtail (Alepecurus aequalis)
  • Soft Chess (Bromus hordeaceus)
  • Spike Trisetum (Trisetum spicatum)
  • Sudan Grass
  • Sweet Grass, Common (Hierochioe odorata)
  • Sweet Vernal Grass (Anthoxonthum odoratum)
  • Timber Oat-Grass (Danthonia intermedia)
  • Timothy (Phleum pretense)
  • Tufted Hair Grass (Deschampsia cespitosa)
  • Velvet Grass, Common (Holcus lanatus)
  • Weak Alkali Grass (Torreyochloa pauciflora)
  • Western Panicum (Panicum occidentale)
  • Wheat Greass
  • Wood Reed Grass (Cinna latifolia)
  • Yorkshire Fog (Holcus lanatus)
  • Zebra Grass
  • Zoisia Grass https://zoysias.com/ (Turf grass)

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