List of Treatment Modalities

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Healing Techniques              

Acupressure Emotional Melt Away Liver Gallbladder Flush Reflexology 
Acupuncture Enemas Loving Yourself Exercise Reiki 
Affirmations Energetic Repatterning Lymphatic Drainage Relaxation 
Alexander Technique Energy Vortex  Clearing Magnets Remote Healing 
Allergy Allersodes Energy Work Magnetic Mattress RET Remedies 
Amino Acid Balance Essential Oils Managing Time Rife Machine 
Anger/Forgiveness Exercises Exercise Medical Assistance Program (Marchelle Small Wright’s work) Rolfing
Aromatherapy Fasting, Juice Metaphysical Techniques Sacro-Occipital Tech. (SOT)
Art Therapy Fasting, Water Massage Sarcodes
Astrology Fat & Toxin Metab.Technique Meditation Sauna
Ayurvedic Medicine Feldenkrais Technique Meridian Balancing Secondary to Larger Prob.
Bach Flower Essence Feng Shui Metaphor Changes Shamanism
Back Adjustment Floatation Therapy Minerals Silva Techniques
Biofeedback Flower Essences Money Techniques Sinus Drainage Tech.
Biorhythms Foot Soaks Music Therapy Smudging
Bioveda Foot Bath Detox NAET Sound Therapy
Blood Type Diet Forgiveness Work Neuro Linguistic Programming Spondylolithesis
Bone Adjustments Gem Elixirs Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Stretches
Breathing Exercises Genealogy Clearing Neurolink Support Groups
Broken Heart Tech. Genetic Repair Nosodes Supplements
Castor Oil Packs Geopathic Stress Not on the Chart Surgery
Cell Salts God Can Technique Nutrition Sweat or Sauna
Chakra Balancing Headache Relax Treatment Nutritional Supplements Symbols
Chelation, Intravenous Healing Touch Opthamologist Exam Tai Chi
Chinese Hot Cupping Hemmorhoid Exercise Orthotics Tellington Touch
Chiropractic Herbs OTC Drugs  Temperature Changes
Clearing Rooms Hip Rotation Other Techniques: Therapeutic Touch
Colon Hydrotherapy Holographic Organs Ozone Therapy Theta Healing
Color Therapy Homeopathy Past Life Therapy  Thymus Thumping
Conings (MAP) Hot/Cold Alternating Soak Pet Therapy Total Body Modification
Contact Reflex Analysis Hydrogen Peroxide Physical Therapy Touch for Health
Cranio Sacral Therapy Hydrotherapy Positive Mental Attitude  Trager Work
Cross Crawl Exercise Hypnotherapy Polarity Technique  Trigger Point Therapy
Crystaldyne I Love Me Exercise Prayer, Positive  Vanishing Twin Wk.
Crystals/Rocks Identity Shift Work Prayer Treatment Vibration
Dance Movements Incontinent Bladder Technique Prescription Drugs  Visceral Cyst Reduction
Dentistry Component Increase Circulation Psychic Surgery  Visceral Manipulation
Desensitization Inner Child Work Psychotherapy  Vision Quest
Distance Healing Ionic Minerals Q-Link Visualization
Do You Want To Live Iridology Qi Gong  Vitamins
DNA Reprogramming Journaling Radionics  Vortex Clearing
Drumming Juicing Rape Release Tech.  Water
Emotional Freedom Technique Kidney Flush Technique Reading Books  Willard Water
Eliminate Toxins Lifestyle Changes Reconnection Therapy Work with Family Members
EMDR Light Therapy Refer to Another Healer Workshop (Law of Attraction)
Electro Magnetic Field Shifting   Refer to Medical Profession Yoga
 (updated 4-27-11)