*Denice Moffat’s Mantra, Goals, Mission

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What is a mission statement? A mission statement is a short written statement of purpose for an individual, a company or an organization. Mission statements guide the actions, goals and direction of why you exist. It is reviewed regularly and every project is compared to the statement to see if the project is in alignment with what the mission statement proclaims.

How to write a mission statement: Some people just sit down and write out a mission statement in a few minutes. Others attend workshops which ask questions and give examples on how you define your values and work ethics and discuss what you want to accomplish short and long term.

For me, I had a manila folder in my desk drawer that I kept adding clips and sentences of values and beliefs I felt really meant a lot to me. I kept adding to this folder for two years before deciding to take it with me to a spiritual workshop. In between speakers I walked on the grounds. Here I found a huge Buddha statue where I sat on a bench and roughed out my mission statement together over a period of two days. I fine-tuned it after letting the rough copy sit for a week or so. I still like it.

I review my mission statement 2-4 times each year to see if I’m still on track. Because I’ve written out a set of Beliefs, I also read that. It’s amazing what happens when you put your ideas and goals down on paper. Over the years I’ve come to realize that I’m accomplishing everything I’ve set out to in this area of beliefs and mission.

So, what do you believe in? What would you live for? Die for? Fight for?

Now, tap on your chest when you repeat our mantra…

Miracles Happen Here. Miracles Happen Here. Miracles Happen Here.

We believe that for you. And that’s that. Now, let’s get to it…Read on for my own statements.

My Mission Statement

I, Denice Moffat, pledge to be a productive ambassador to Spirit, all living beings and to the health profession with contributions of education, knowledge, creativity and intellectual, physical, and spiritual advancements given with honesty, compassion and unconditional love.

I pledge to keep myself open to the unlimited possibilities, which are presented to us when we commit to a life of service by listening to the Still Small Voice of Spirit within.

I pledge to be a goal-oriented visionary expecting miracles on a daily basis, living and practicing in harmony, balance, peace, and joy in all that I do.

What I Believe and strive to live up to:

I believe in one Power, which is God and that we are all a part of God.

I believe in honesty, loyalty and in helping your neighbors.

I work to build a sense of community.

I believe in miracles.

I believe that one person CAN make a difference.

I believe we are all angels on this earth here to influence each other in our soul’s journey to perfection.

I believe in freedom of choice and shining our light into dark places.

I believe in reincarnation.

I believe in unconditional love and compassion and that the Truth shall set you free.

I am the changes I want to see in our world.

These are the values I move towards:

Open-mindedness. Unconditional Love & Compassion. Sincerity. Inner Peace. Accelerating the healing process by matching, teaching, and applying the best techniques for each case. Enabling productive progress by listening, learning, communicating, clarifying, and understanding my clients. Honesty. Continuous learning and seeing dis-ease from different perspectives.

These are the values I have conflict with and always move away from:

Stress and pressure. Dishonesty. Intimidation. Jealousy. Negativity. Bigotry. Egotism. Blaming others. Closed-mindedness.

Denice Living in the Positive:

I have a clear path of service inspiring others to live their Life Purpose. I am a creative, effective strategist, have supportive friends and loyal allies. I attract people with my natural leadership skills and charisma. I am lead by the purest of inspiration. I affect the world in a special, exceptionally vital and enduring way. I am relaxed, open and balanced receiving my inspiration directly from Spirit.

Helpful Books/Links/Resources:

  • The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman