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I used to meet with a Master Mind Group every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. Jack Boland, now passed over, developed the Master Mind steps in his church in Michigan several years ago. Jack has influenced thousands of people to live a life of service and to influence others in a positive way. Over just a few short months we had many requests answered by Spirit. The purpose of a Master Mind group is to get 4-10 like-minded, positive, proactive people together who want to make a difference in their lives and other people’s lives using the power of prayer. Visitors are always welcome. The ones that are supposed to stay with us always do. 

We would sit in a small circle and start the meeting summarizing what we asked for in weeks past and sharing all the good things that had happened to us since the last meeting. We then had a volunteer start by reading the first step of the eight steps into the Master Mind Consciousness. Each person took a turn reading a step out loud. We would try to alternate each week so we didn’t read the same step every week. When we got to step 6 the person reading that step would start first, telling us what they wanted that week. 

Each of us, one by one, would then support that person verbally in what they have asked for trying not to give advice, but just gathering the energy. We support them by saying for example, ” I know that the Master Mind has heard your request and I fully support you in your quest for ….” or ” I support you in your request and I see that happening for you within the next seven days” or we’d offer support in our own words. I was often in awe of the words that came out of the group’s mouth, each saying exactly what that partner needed or offering a new perspective to the challenge as a perfectly acceptable solution. 

We would end the meeting by reading steps 7 and 8 and then, all hold hands, as one person said a prayer to support our plans and businesses for the week to come. 

Two group members, Miriam and Dave came from Michigan and used to go to Jack Boland’s church. Miriam says the whole point to the meetings is to support. “If your partner’s request is to grow two heads, then it is your responsibility to support them in growing two heads!” That’s it. Pretty simple and immensely effective. 

The Eight Steps into the Master Mind (God) Consciousness 

1. I SURRENDER I admit that, of myself, I am powerless to solve my problems, powerless to improve my life. I need help. 

2. I BELIEVE I come to believe that a power gregater than myself — the Master Mind –can change my life. 

3. I AM READY TO BE CHANGED I realize that erroneous self-defeating thinking is the cause of my problems, unhappiness, fears and failures. I am ready to have my beliefs and attitudes changed so my life can be transformed. 

4. I DECIDE TO BE CHANGED I make a decision to surrender my will and my life to the Master Mind. I ask to be changed at depth. 

5. I FORGIVE I forgive myself for all my mistakes and shortcomings. I also forgive all other persons who may have harmed me. 

6. I ASK I make known my specific requests, asking my partner’s support in knowing that the Master Mind is fulfilling my needs. 

7. I GIVE THANKS I give thanks that the Master Mind is responding to my needs, and I assume the same feelings I would have if my requests were fulfilled. 

8. I DEDICATE MY LIFE I now have a covenant in which it is agreed that the Master Mind is supplying me with an abundance of all things necessary to live a successful and happy life. I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God and those around me; to live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to follow; and to remain responsive to God’s guidance. I go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement, and expectancy. I am at peace. 

It is incredible what happens in your life after you have said these eight steps out loud several weeks in a row. Your mind starts to attract these things into your life in a big way. One week we all wrote our 10 year goals down on a piece of paper for a “Freeze Your Intention” ceremony. We put the group’s papers in a film canister and added a small quartz crystal to it, filled it with Trinity brand water (no longer available but I loved that stuff!) and put it in the freezer. After a set time, we will unthaw it and review our requests. 

Where there are two or more gathered in His name there are things getting done! With permission from our group, here is a sampling of the affirmations and requests put into our ceremony that week: 

  • I have a personal net worth of greater than one million dollars by 5/10/04.
  • I have invested a million dollars into projects for the community to help economic development by 2005.
  • I have removed all separation between myself and God and attend to issues as they come up.
  • I find the joy in all my life situations.
  • I have a new house of my own design at this address including a barn, sheds, chicken/duck house, pond, corrals, fences, and more prior to May 17, 2003.
  • I live my life with enthusiasm, and passion. I have no regrets.
  • I have a great and loving relationship with my daughter and son-in-law.
  • On or before June 1, 2003 I am a channel for God’s love in the world always. I have excellent health, vitality, energy and the time to write books and teach classes.
  • On or before June 1, 2003 I have started a factory to build quiet presses and have recovered the money already spent on patents. I have created The Center for Transformational Living. 

(Note: Some of these things have actually occurred.) 

So, the purpose of this article is to inspire you to start your own Master Mind Groups. You will only excel as much as the people you are spending time with. So, what kind of people are you spending most of your time with? Who would you like to spend more time with? Why not start a group by phone? The only thing holding you back is not asking. I have a Master Mind Group from the other side I meet regularly with. 

For more inspiration on the power of asking get a copy of The Aladdin Factor , written by the Chicken Soup for the soul guys, or order a Master Mind Journal , or get some tapes to prod you along and start that group today. To order Master Mind material call the Renaissance Unity at 1(800) 256-1984. 

I ordered my 2007 journal for $32.95 plus shipping, but you can get just the insert which fits into a 3-ring binder for $22.95. 

Good luck and many blessings! Dr. D.

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