Melt a Cloud Technique

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Melt a Cloud:

Have You Ever Melted A Cloud? It’s easier than you think. Pick a day where the clouds are fluffy and separated. Choose one and focus on it. Now. . .

Center yourself, take a few deep breaths.

Pick a cloud to melt.

Place the palms of your hands in the direction of the cloud.

Breathe in the essence of God.

As you breathe out. . .visualize breathing hot air into the cloud.

Visualize it melting away.

Feel the heat come out of your hands and into the cloud.

Keep repeating the breathing and visualizing process.

The cloud will melt in 3-10 minutes. 

Now, if you can do that, how could you doubt the power of prayer and how special you are and how much power you have? 

I read about this technique from a Ruth Montgomery book Strangers Among Us and practiced it from a hotel room window and was SO awed to find that it had worked. I then shared it with my friends and family (it really freaked them out because it worked for them too.) 

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