Metaphors Causing Physical Disease

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Metaphors Causing Physical Disease–Is this for real?

Question: I’ve recently heard that we create certain health problems with what we say and think, is this really true? Can you give me some examples?

Answer: It is absolutely true. Where the concentration goes, the energy flows. If you think more negative thoughts about what is happening to you and your body than positive ones, the negative ones win! For example, I had a client who once used to say, “Let’s go eat our Saturday triple-bypass breakfast.”

That is exactly what he manifested within a year.

Now let’s think about this.  Some of the negative things you say draws energy to certain organs and body parts of the body.  Let’s give you some examples:

  • That really pisses me off (chronic bladder infections)
  • I hate….(cancer)
  • I don’t want to hear it (hearing problems)
  • Doesn’t that just break your heart (heart disease)
  • Good Grief! (asthma)
  • Those people are a pain in the A__ (hemorrhoids and colon cancer)
  • Doesn’t he just get under your skin? (Acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema)
  • Doesn’t that just Gall you?  (Gallbladder problems)
  • That’s the way I am (constipation—dogmatically positioned on things)
  • You’re killing me (as you wish!)
  • He’s a real pain in the neck (neck pain)
  • I don’t have time for that (anxiety and stress—start saying “I have all the time I need for the important things in life.”
  • I’m sick and tired
  • I can’t stomach that (GERD)
  • Give me a break,
  • What a moron I am (low self-esteem).

You get the picture?  Now do a 40-day mental fast and resolve to eliminate all harmful metaphors from your life for the next forty days. Hire a child old enough to know what a metaphor is and have them follow you around for a day.  Have them write down every metaphor you say and then give them a dime a metaphor.  Evaluate the things you say from the data and find new, more positive phrases to exchange for the negative ones. This exercise may just save your life and it’s a great learning experience for your children!

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