Moving Away Values Exercise

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The Moving Away Values Exercise:

  1. Circle each value you move away from in regards to one area of your life you are working on now (e.g.. relationships, work, school). Pick a maximum of 10 values you would do anything to stay away from for this exercise. If you don’t see one that is important to you, then add it to the list.
  2. Now, taking two of the circled values at a time ask yourself or your partner. “Which is most important to me, this one—or this one?” Hint: Which value most sucks the life right out of you?
  3. Take the most important value you have chosen and compare it to each of the other circled values one at a time. Each time ask yourself the same question. You should be able to find one value that sticks out above all the rest.
  4. Now pick the next value and compare it to the remaining circled ones, finding the next most important value in your life.
  5. Continue down the list until you have made your choices as to which are the most important to you.
  6. Do the same with the Moving Towards Values.
  7. Discuss them with a friend or family.
Moving Away Values:
Abandonment Frustration Out of Control
Anger Guilt Painful
Anxiety Helplessness Panicky
Bigotry Hopelessness Prejudiced
Blame Hostility Rejection
Cheating Humiliation Resentful
Conflict Hurt Shame
Complaining Ignorance Sorrowful
Confusion Indecisive Stressed
Contempt Inferiority Taken for granted
Deception Insecure Tense
Depression Intimidating Unimportant
Disapproval Jealousy Unloved
Dishonesty Lonely Victim-oriented
Dismissed Loss Violent
Disrespectful Negative Weak
Embarrassment Needy Worthless
Egotistical Neglectful
Failure Nervous

Helpful Links & References for Moving Away Values Exercise:

I gleaned this exercise from a Nikken Humans Being More workshop a few years ago. We learned that the exercise should be done for relationships and again for career or goals because sometimes your priorities will differ. Quite interesting. Anyway, you can read more about that wonderful adventure here: