Music as Medicine

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Music as Medicine. . .

We have 7 main energy centers in our body called Chakras.  These chakras respond to vibrations contained in color, food, crystals, affirmations, musical instruments, tones and all sorts of fields containing vibration. Music is vibration. Each instrument vibrates differently and is felt in different parts of the body.

Dr. Jean Houston, just hired by the United Nations to teach all the nations to work together using her unique teaching methods, has worked with Alzheimer’s patients, playing music of the person’s youth to stimulate and exercise the brain.  This technique has stimulated moments of clarity for many of the patients. Jean’s site:

Kay Gardner discusses how to use tones and instruments to manipulate health in her audiocassette series, Music as Medicine”.

Even Dr. Depak Chopra, a world renown Ayurvedic medical doctor, talks about how vibration acts in healing things like sinus problems. In his “Journey to the Boundless” audiocassette series he discusses how different tones act on different parts of the body. Do you have sinus problems? Deepak recommends you spend several minutes each day humming “Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma.” Try it. It resonates in the sinus area and opens up the frontal sinuses.  Chanting CD:

African Shaman (healers) drum their patients. They listen to the beat of the patient’s heart. If it is slow, a group of drummers surround the patient. They start beating their drums in unison to the beat of the patient’s heart. Over a period of 15-20 minutes they slowly and steadily speed the beating of the drums to a normal heart rate. The patient’s heart speeds up, following the beating of the drums.

Even the earth responds to vibrations. The pollen of the plant, Chenopodium (commonly known as the pot herb Lambs Quarter) will form a perfectly formed Mandela in the most beautiful pattern with certain types of frequencies.

In my practice I sometimes use a drum to find the blockages of energy in the body. As you hold the open side of the drum toward the body and beat on the top surface you will hear rebound—except where the energy is blocked. When energy is blocked, there will be a dull thump instead of a rebound. When I find an area like this, I beat the drum into that area until it opens up. Most times this takes just a couple of minutes. When drumming around or on top of the head you want to beat lightly so as not to damage the ear drums. I find this very relaxing and opening. It’s a favorite technique to experience.

So for all you music enthusiasts out there, educate yourself on how to use music as medicine, then go out and heal people and the earth. We could all use your help.

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