New Years Resolution Alternative

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I know most of you don’t like making New Year’s Resolutions because you can’t keep them.

Have you ever just CELEBRATED what you have accomplished the previous year instead of make new New Year’s Resolutions? We do. Every year around this time we have a mocha at Starbucks and grab our appointment books and calendars to glance through to find our accomplishments.

We focus on these areas: Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, business, career, community, family, relationships, projects, home, celebrations, and Random Acts of Kindness. Sometimes we have to remind each other how we’ve touched other people’s lives in positive ways because neither one of us is that big on “tooting our own horns”. It takes us a couple of hours, but it’s worth it. Thought you’d like some ideas for your own lists, so here’s mine for 2007:

100 Things I Accomplished in 2007

  1. Had no minor or major illnesses.
  2. Drank more water than in 2006.
  3. Took off at least 14 “Days of Joy” to do whatever I wanted to (on Sundays).
  4. Hired a housekeeper (OK, so I didn’t keep her, but I’m in the process!)
  5. Got all of my amalgam fillings removed.
  6. Got my teeth cleaned.
  7. Volunteered at several vaccine clinics.
  8. Tithed to several areas where I felt guided to give.
  9. Gave with intention to businesses that also support me.
  10. Tithed time generously to answer questions from people who I knew would not make appointments due to funding issues.
  11. Spayed/Neutered 982 animals this year.
  12. Joined a gym for a month in the off-gardening season time.
  13. Worked on decluttering and minimizing.
  14. Took off the summer from newsletter writing.
  15. Enjoyed several short trips with Michael to look for our dream property in the country with a 12-month babbling brook.
  16. Had some great mother-daughter times.
  17. Got my Christmas cards out before Christmas this year.
  18. Kept up with emails in my inbox.
  19. Had a fabulous vacation in Victoria Canada with mom and Michael.
  20. 20. Prayed lots more each day and with gratitude at each meal.
  21. Included long distance healing treatments for my clients when I did my meditations.
  22. Started meditating routinely and daily starting Sept. 25th with the Holosync program ( ).
  23. Became approximately 10-15% more psychic.
  24. Practiced better boundaries.
  25. Got better at saying “No” and not feeling guilty about it.
  26. Made several house calls for shut-ins.
  27. Referred when I couldn’t help people with their challenges.
  28. Walked our dog 30 minutes/day from May to present.
  29. Became a doctor to doctors this year (dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, medical doctors).
  30. Did more consults for more horses than ever before this year.
  31. Was a good neighbor to those in need and practiced random acts of kindness.
  32. Got a credit card in my own name.
  33. Started a Roth IRA.
  34. Continued with our tradition of writing 100 things I accomplished each year.
  35. Personally took home more money with my 1-person practice than I had when I had 13 employees working for me. (It’s a lot less stress, too!)
  36. Paid down my school loans (approximately $4000 to go!)
  37. Paid off hospital bills from 2005 (Michael hearing episode and my collapsed lung).
  38. Put up over 75 new pages on my website.
  39. Read 2 books on money (fulfilling my yearly quota).
  40. Socialized 6 times (four over my yearly quota).
  41. Got a dog I had been looking for and wanting for 18 years.
  42. Kept current on tithing to Idaho schools via the purchase of lottery tickets.
  43. Started taking credit cards using Total Merchant Concepts ( ) using ( ).
  44. Learned how to use ( to process my packages starting in December (LOVE it!)
  45. Received 1.4 million hits/month on my website.
  46. Celebrated when nearly 1000 people signed up for my newsletter.
  47. Read 13 fiction novels (I hadn’t read a novel since 1981).
  48. Read greater than 20 books in my field and wrote some up as media reviews.
  49. Watched more movies with Michael.
  50. Relaxed in the evening more often instead of working until 10 p.m.
  51. Transitioning through menopause with grace and ease (mostly).
  52. Explored a few raw food recipes that Michael cooked (and actually ate some of them). See Grawnola Ambrosia.
  53. Made and shared more soups.
  54. Planted (and shared with eight neighbors) an organic vegetable garden.
  55. Mentored a couple people who wanted to know more about planting.
  56. Tithed time to beautification of local businesses (Random Act of Kindness).
  57. Had our entire 100-year old house rewired.
  58. Had most of the house re-plumbed with PEX tubing (Michael did this).
  59. Replaced entire heating system.
  60. Finished half of the basement with my brother Jerry and Michael.
  61. Completely fenced the back yard.
  62. Supported fellow authors through purchasing books or with moral support/brainstorming.
  63. Helped a friend move to Central Idaho.
  64. Ran Spybot Search and Destroy, AVG, and Ad-Aware weekly on my computer (which saved me lots of money in computer fees in not having to have anyone work on it to de-virus it this year.)
  65. Figured out how to have an Out of the Office email auto-responder. (It’s amazing the instructions you can get just from typing into the search box what you’re looking for!)
  66. Had weekly dates with my sweet husband.
  67. Kept up with QuickBooks in all account until September (3 more months better than last year).
  68. Filed “Bills Paid” paperwork and kept up until November (6 months better than last year).
  69. Formed and met monthly with an all women Master Mind Group.
  70. Went mushroom picking for the first time in my life.
  71. Processed 500 appointments.
  72. Paid all taxes ahead of time.
  73. Kept all bills current.
  74. Prepaid several bills.
  75. Made yearly payments instead of monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly payments for three bills.
  76. Paid all credit card charges in full very month.
  77. Completed two postcard advertising campaigns with postcards.
  78. Went to a Tongue Diagnosis seminar as part of my Naturopathic Continuing Education credits.
  79. Completed my goal of writing over 100 online articles with .
  80. Had 94,000 people click/read my ezine articles so far.
  81. Had my articles published 1,748 times.
  82. Had over 19,647 views on my parasite article! (Holy crap! I used to tell my veterinary technicians “Pus is our friend. It makes us lots of money and helps to give you a paycheck.” I’ve changed my jingle to “Crap is our friend!” Wondered why I was getting so many emails about parasites! Parasites—How Do You Know if You Have Worms and What to Do About Them.
  83. The next most popular article seen 5,578 times this year? What is a “Normal” Bowel Movement?
  84. Celebrated that my ranking went up more than 100,000 rankings from last year.
  85. Processed and mailed 417 packages of supplements (most all within 48 hours.)
  86. Did almost 80% of my business via the telephone and email this year (my goal is 100% so I don’t have to clean my house every time I see a client.)
  87. Did phone consults for clients in England, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Uruguay.
  88. Attended a Making Nutrition Work Seminar sponsored by Standard Process for my naturopathy continuing education credits.
  89. Attended a Rural Roots seminar ( on Small Farm Liability and Sustainability to further my goal in having a retreat center someday complete with interns.
  90. Was interviewed by Adrienne Vincent for a KRFP ( Radio Talk Show.
  91. Had a massage every other month to accomplish my commitment/goal to self-care.
  92. Purchased a cam-corder and filmed about 25 “How To Do Things” videos and will have those posted on my site in 2008.
  93. Posted Word Version Printer Friendly documents for recipes on my website.
  94. Had a radio interview with Judith Piazza ( ) Nov. 6th for a talk show in Florida.
  95. Increased my average appointments per week by 34%.
  96. Reorganized all inventory in stock and culled $2027 in expired homeopathics/supplements.
  97. Laid linoleum tile in the kitchen, bathroom and closets and put 5 coats of wax on the finished project.
  98. Ripped up carpet and painted exam room floor green (ran out of funds to put in flooring!)
  99. Finally conquered the occasionally flooding problem in the basement after only 6 years of trying different things to divert the water.
  100. Finished the garden shed and chicken coop metal roofing projects.
  101. Gave lots of starts and plants away to people who wanted and would care for them.
  102. Purchased my first new couch ever.
  103. Purchased a new refrigerator when the old one quit.
  104. Went to two weddings and one memorial service.
  105. Figured out (with help) how to back up my computer using My Notebook.
  106. Completed a 5-Day water only fast.
  107. Completed year one of a five year cycle to pay everything off in full (including the house).
  108. Empowered a client to quit her job, set some boundaries and take care of her cancer.
  109. Supported local businesses.
  110. Read an Abraham quote ( every morning and every evening.
  111. Continued to honor, cherish, value and love my husband on a daily basis.

Thank you God! And so it is. . .

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