NHT News Vol. 10 No. 6 Dec. 9, 2014

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NHT News Vol. 10 No. 6 Dec. 9, 2014


In This Issue:

  • Health in the News: Homeopathic Toothpastes?
  • Media Review (Book) Hello From Heaven by the Guggenheims
  • Tips and Tricks: Xylitol Poisoning in Pets
  • Client Testimonials: Back Spasms, Back on Track
  • What’s New at Our House: Sunspot Sunflowers, Wholesale fruit trees
  • Events: Earth Song Ranch Special

(Please note that full names are never used in this newsletter or on my website without the full consent of the sender or client. Some cases also encompass groupings of cases with similar symptoms and suggestions for healing in an attempt to educate the general public.)

Health in the News:

Testing is being done to develop a new custom-made toothpaste that will treat up to 10 allergies at a time. Custom made. It involves homeopathics. Interesting. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/allerdent-toothpaste-could-treat-allergies/

Media Review: (Book) Hello from Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim © 1995 

Hello from Heaven: A new field of research—After-Death Communication—confirms that life and love are eternal by the Guggenheims, is one of my most favorite books on After Death Communication

Hello from Heaven book cover

After Death Communications


It’s estimated that 60-120 million Americans—20-40% of the population of the United States–have had one or more ADC experiences.

An After Death Communication (ADC) is defined as a direct one-to-one experience involving the person in this dimension making contact with someone in another dimension. No intermediaries (like psychics, mediums or hypnotists) are involved in ADCs.

ADCs happen spontaneously. The deceased loved one chooses the time, place and method of communication. There are no rituals, séances, Ouija boards, crystal balls or other devices used.

Initially, Bill did not believe in communication with the dead, but his then wife, Judy roped him into watching an interview of Elisabeth Kubler Ross (the doctor who started the hospice movement) on a television show. He was so taken with Elisabeth and her sincerity that he decided to attend a workshop she was giving.

At the workshop Elisabeth recounted a story about an ADC she had with a patient who contacted her at a time in her life when she had decided to retire from the death and dying business.

A woman walked up to Elisabeth in the hallway outside her office. Elisabeth recognized the woman as a former patient who had died, yet she was present and talking to Elisabeth.  The woman said, “I had to come back for two reasons. Number one, I wanted to thank you and Reverend Smith once more for what you have done for me. But the real reason why I had to come back is to tell you not to give up your work on death and dying. Not yet.”

Well, Elisabeth was thinking that nobody would believe her, she knew she wasn’t hallucinating, so she shrewdly looked at the woman and said, “You know, Reverend Smith would be thrilled if he would have a note from you. Would you terribly mind?”  The woman knew what Elisabeth was thinking. The apparition took out a piece of paper, wrote a message and signed her full name to the paper then walked out the door and disappeared.

Bill wondered if this was just a fluke or did other people have similar experiences with the dead. He was hooked.

The beginnings of Hello from Heaven started in 1988 with an idea, 1000 flyers, 1000 business cards, a telephone line, a post office box and a checking account.  The goal for their first year of research was to interview 500 people who felt they had made contact with a loved one from the other side.

What the Guggenheims were not prepared for was the deluge of responses they received from all 50 states and all the provinces of Canada from bereavement groups, churches, hospice organizations, personal growth classes, conferences, social organizations and spiritual bookstores.  Their call for stories exceeded FAR beyond their expectations.  The characteristics and diversity of the communications exploded, eventually encompassing 13 chapters (pet ADCs are not included in this book—See Talking to Heaven by James Van Praagh for this topic.)

It took the Guggenheims seven years to write the book. Over those years they collected 3300 firsthand accounts of After Death Communications from interviewing over 2000 people. Most of these accounts were recanted to the authors over 45-60 minute telephone interviews. All people interviewed were Catholic, Protestant, Christian or Jewish religions; in good health and had not ingested drugs or alcohol at the time of their ADC.

With the momentum from the book research, the ADC Project was formed (See link below).

Over 350 stories of After Death Communication are included in Hello from Heaven. These ADCs encompass several categories; each with a chapter of its own, some of which include: Read more

Tricks and Tips:  Xylitol Poisoning in Pets:

xylitol poisoning in pets

A few products containing xylitol.


The level of toxicity of xylitol in pets is generally mild to severe, depending on the dose ingested.”

Common signs of xylitol poisoning include: Weakness, lethargy, collapse, vomiting, tremors, seizures, jaundice, malaise, black-tarry stool (also known as melena), coma and death.

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that is extracted from certain fruits and vegetables (berries, oats, beets, cane sugar, birch and corn cob). It is becoming a common sugar substitute and is found in many foods including sugar-free gum (Trident, Ice Breakers, Orbit, Nicorette,) candy, gelatin snacks, pudding and baked goods. Xylitol is also found in certain vitamin supplements and in toothpaste and oral rinses. Xylitol is estimated to be 1000 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate.

How many of you feed your animal fish oil supplements thinking it’s good for them? Well, read that label! Make SURE it does not contain xylitol.

It’s sweet to the taste, fights plaque in humans and has a low glycemic index. Xylitol is promoted for humans with diabetes problems.  I must say that when people tell me that they are using xylitol as a sugar substitute and I muscle test to see if it’s OK for them to eat, I usually get a ‘no’ answer. The same goes for most fish oil supplements. I wonder if there is a connection here. I wonder if people have some of the same side-effects as dogs and cats have when they ingest xylitol—even though xylitol is on the FDA approved GRAS list.

Of course the cheapest source of raw materials for xylitol production is corn cob—so that’s GMO! And the way they extract the xylan from the cob is through sugar hydrogenation using a nickel-aluminum alloy. (Hello—can you see the potential for heavy metal poisoning and Alzheimer’s here?)

The thing is, xylitol is highly poisonous to your pets!  It can cause symptoms within 10-15 minutes after ingesting it. Humans absorb the sweetener slowly but dogs don’t.  Just a small amount of xylitol can cause a dangerous insulin surge and a rapid drop in their blood sugar. It can cause liver necrosis (this means that the liver actually rots away) and liver failure, and it only takes a single piece of gum or candy to do it!

If you have xylitol in your house, be sure to lock it up like you lock up poison in a cabinet to keep it away from children. If your pet ingests this stuff, call your veterinarian immediately and contact the poison control hotline.

Helpful Links and References for Xylitol:  

Client Testimonials: Back Spasm

Hey Dr. D., I did something to my lower back yesterday. Started hurting at tennis. Wondering if it’s just muscular or if you have any insight? Do you have a moment for a quickie appointment??  Thanks much!! K

Hey K. I don’t have time today but yes, it is muscular. It’s L4-L5 area. OK, so have somebody lightly tap the side of your back that is NOT tight for a minute or 90 seconds to see if you can reset the Golgi Spindle Apparatus on that side. The side that is tight is trying to compensate for the loose overstretched side. I’ll be checking my emails a couple of times today. We’re organizing to decorate for a neighbor’s horse trial. Denice

Dr. D. Pain all gone. Wow. Thank you! You are awesome!!  I appreciate your gift so much. K    Sent from my iPhone

Denice’s Note: The next day her pain came back and she headed to the chiropractor, but this gave her some pain free hours, it’s free and worth a try! 

Client Testimonials: Back on Track

Dear Dr. Denice, thank you so much for your help. You got my fires started again, gave me confidence and raised my spirits. I am contacting another endocrinologist who does prescribe and work with natural thyroid. I will call on Monday. I am using all my meds/supps at the dosage you recommended and today I do feel better, positive, and confident. I am so tired of wasting my time and not enjoying all these beautiful days I have had. I want to be in control again and not have to cave in to this fatigue. I know it will take time. I am eager to get this extra weight off so I can fit comfortably in my clothes again as I refuse to buy more. I am positive that it has to do with my medication. I am grateful for you and your gift. I am grateful for my friend sharing you with me and for her everlasting friendship. I hope that others express their gratitude for their new well-being to you and if not, oh well, I do! Sending positive energy and love your way. Love, Teresa

What’s New at Our House:

We harvested sunflower seed heads this year for the chickens to supplement their grains. We love Sunspot sunflowers. They only grow about 3 feet tall and are HUGE! The challenge was that the wild birds also loved them, so next year we will have to plant more. We tried storing the harvested heads in our potting shed last year but the mice and squirrels loved them too! Live and learn. And I have a few seeds from a sunflower plant that produces heads about three times the size of these (about 28 inches in diameter at maturity). They are monstrous (like our pumpkins) so I’m going to give that a whack next growing season along with some long gourd seeds that grow up to ten feet long.

sunspot sunflowers

Photo of Sunspot sunflowers.

We’ve organized a wholesale fruit tree buying opportunity for our local community and that is going gangbusters. We have orders for about 150 fruit trees right now and more orders are coming in every day. It’s a fun community building activity.

I completed another successful booking of appointments from my 4th annual Black Friday Special which has been keeping me super busy. No days off until mid-January for this girl except Christmas. It’s really fun to catch up on life with my clients after I complete their exams. Thanks so much to all of you who made appointments for Dec/Jan/Feb!

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Jessica Lynn and Earth Song Ranch

This special is good from Dec. 9th to the 23rd. Jessica also has a very active Face Book page (and she’s a really special person): https://www.facebook.com/earthsongranch

Hope you all are having a stress-free Holy season and spending time with the people who love and appreciate you most. Be well. Denice