NHT News. Vol. 3 No. 2 Feb 2007

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February, 2007  Vol. 3 No. 2

(Please note that full names are never used in this newsletter or on my website without the full consent of the sender or client. Some cases also encompass groupings of cases with similar symptoms and suggestions for healing in an attempt to educate the general public.) 

In This Issue:

  • Health in the News: Aspirin and Cholesterol lowering drugs 
  • Case of the Month: Six Skin Cases each with a Different Core Cause
  • What’s New on the Website? Total Merchant Concepts Visa/MC processing
  • Ask Dr. Moffat: Vinegar: It does a body good. . .or does it? How much Thytrophin should I take? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, The Meaning of “Trace” amounts
  • Product of the Month: None this month
  • Media Reviews: Untwinned—Perspectives on the Death of a Twin Before Birth
  • Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life Aluminum in tofu? A client does some research for me on that.
  • Healthy Recipes: Taco Beef Soup
  • Client Testimonials: Yeast and Skin Ulcers better, Asthma resolving, Traveler’s Vaccinosis Nosode Drops, MSG Link Update
  • Inspiration & Perspective: Abraham-Hicks.com Daily Inspirations
  • What’s New at Our House? Shelving, cabinets, www.palouseads.com Vision boards, MasterMind Group, Local healers exchange services
  • Local Events: Reiki Circle, Spokane Holistic Festival, Women’s Retreat and April Rubino classes on EFT 

Health in the News:  

Let’s talk about aspirin and cholesterol lowering drugs. . .

At least in the United States the media, drug companies and medical profession in general often recommend low-dose aspirin therapy to decrease the risk of heart attacks. In this area, aspirin has been elevated to the status of “miracle drug.” Aspirin fights heart attacks by making the platelets (clotting agents) in your blood less likely to bind together in clumps that clog up your arteries. But did you know that even small amounts of aspirin can cause bleeding of the stomach lining and continued use can lead to peptic ulcers? That’s why you may feel that burning sensation in your stomach after taking any NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) on an empty stomach.

Aspirin also interferes with the production of hormones, has been linked to macular degeneration, bruising under the skin and may predispose the body to aneurisms
Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore think they know why some of the people who take aspirin are not protected. Their study, presented at the 73rd Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association in New Orleans originally published in November of 2004, is continuing to make its rounds. This study found itself in my inbox this last week, so I looked it up.

In this original study, 60 percent of patients with cholesterol levels above 220 mg/dl still had platelet aggregation, in spite of daily aspirin doses. Now how can this be?

For the study, blood samples from 63 heart disease patients who had been taking 325 mg of aspirin daily for at least thirty days, were tested to see whether the blood platelets clumped together when a special agent was introduced. The study showed that aspirin prevented clumping in 41 patients. In 20 others there was no response. Of the patients with high cholesterol (above 220mg/dl), 60% were not helped by the aspirin, compared to 20% of patients with cholesterol lower than 180 mg/dl in whom aspirin did not have an impact.

I read in the National Enquirer this month that the medical profession has recently lowered the definition of “high cholesterol” to anything above 180 mg/dl. This kind of alarms me for a few different reasons:

  1. If we don’t have enough cholesterol, we can’t plug up the leaks in our vessels (made from taking excessive amounts of aspirin instead of eating raw dark leafy greens and getting appropriate doses of polyunsaturated good fats!)
  2. Our brains are made up mostly of cholesterol. Actually our brain is 85% cholesterol!
  3. People taking cholesterol lowering drugs have lower cognitive ability. We already seem to have increased numbers of senility and Alzheimer’s in the world today. Why exacerbate these numbers with yet more cholesterol-lowering medications.
  4. I suspect that this study may mean seeing millions more being prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs when I believe cholesterol levels below 250mg/dl can easily be controlled with diet.

Cholesterol lowering drugs (also called statin drugs) have been shown to cause heart disease (cardiomyopathy) in that they weaken the heart muscle causing it to fail. And some studies show that statins mess with neurotransmitters causing increased suicide rates among users. So, what would you prefer to die of?

What’s the Bottom line? Isn’t it just easier and healthier if we eat our 6-9 servings of raw fruits and vegetables daily? They provide enzymes, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and everything necessary to keep our cholesterol levels balanced out and strengthen and detoxify all tissues (including our circulatory system) so that we don’t need to take excess amounts of man-made drugs.  Why not eat less saturated fats and take aspirin only occasionally as needed for pain? How about natural herbs to thin the blood a little like Ginkgo biloba or White Willow bark? And if you have a weak heart that has arrhythmias, there is always Cardio Plus which repairs the problem over time.   Reference: https://www.umm.edu/news/releases/aspirin.htm 

Case of the Month: Six Skin Cases with Different Core Causes 

I really didn’t have a grouping of cases this month and was a bit concerned that the Universe was dropping the ball, so I put it out there last night asking what I should write about. Sometimes I do this with my clients before they call for their appointment. I let it run around in my head and “sleep on it” and a lot of times the answer just comes. 

So, this morning I had a series of cases flash through my head. I’m getting that this is what I’m supposed to write about this month, so I will. 

Six Skin Cases

Case #1: A woman in her 80’s gets her hair done once a week. That is the only time she gets her hair and scalp washed. She has done this for years and wonders why she has sheets of dry skin which flake off in big chunks. She goes to her doctor who prescribes a salve to rub on her head to slow down the growth of cells which prevents the skin that’s on her head from drying up and flaking off making an even bigger mess than before. 

This is an extreme case, but it is more common than you think. The skin turnover rate is about every 10 days. Now, that means that a new healthy cell is born, matures, ages and dies all in a ten-day period. Air flow, body heat, sunshine, brushing, rubbing, scratching and bathing help to disperse these dead cells freeing up the skin for more to come off. When one doesn’t mechanically wash/scrub off dead skin cells, they pile up like a log jam on the scalp (and other areas of the body) causing dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema. 

And if the body is sick in any way and the skin cells get kind of freaked out, the turnover rate can often be every three days. When this happens, the back up of cells is much worse. This happens in pets as well as people. Labradors and Cocker Spaniels are particularly prone to increased turnover rates of cells. This is why we see so much seborrhea and dermatitis in these two breeds. 

So, what makes the body sick enough to decrease the cellular turnover rate? Well, some of the most common core causes include: 

  • Parasites (both internal and external parasites suck the nutrition from the body),
  • Allergies (contact or seasonal)
  • Zinc and Vitamin A deficiencies
  • Body acidity (not enough raw foods) and an
  • Imbalance of Essential Fatty Acids (too many saturated fats in the diet and not enough unsaturated good fats.)  

This particular case had several of these core causes, but she was unwilling to change anything to repair the damage. Sometimes you just have to honor people for the path they walk. Some things you cannot change. It’s my job to love them anyway. Oh well, moving on. . . 

Case #2 

A month-old baby came to see me along with her mother (the mother drove of course). On the back of the baby’s head was a bacterial skin problem. When the mother took the child to her medical doctor, he gave her a tube of antibiotic ointment to apply and even with that the sore, which encompassed about a 3-inch circle on the top and back of the head, was not healing. In fact, the sore was getting worse with each passing day. Even though the baby had mittens on, it would try to scratch itself. Poor thing.  

Now I looked at the pattern on that baby’s head and it just looked funny. Why would it only be in that one spot? It almost looked like a line from one ear and over the top of the head to the other ear. I don’t know what her doctor asked her, but there were a few questions I needed answers for to figure out the core cause, like: 

  • How often do you bathe her? (Daily)
  • Do you bathe her in a bassinet? (Yes)
  • What kind of soap do you use on her body? (None, it dries her skin out)
  • Do you use baby shampoo? (No)
  • How far up in the bassinet does the water come on her body? (She is submersed about half way—the back side only)
  • Do you lie her down in that water? (Only her back side)
  • And what do you clean the bassinet with between the baths to disinfect the plastic so that it is not a moist area that allows bacteria to grow in between baths. (Nothing) 

Case solved. I dispensed a bottle of Oxyfresh Shower Gel because her son, who I had seen before responded quite well to that for his skin problem (small whitehead-like things on his upper arms) and I knew the baby had half the same genetic makeup as her brother. Oxyfresh has a component in it that is like bleach only safer. I figured that would, over time, kill off the bacteria on the body topically. I then instructed her to disinfect the bassinet after each bath by wiping it out with soapy water and disinfecting with diluted bleach spray (1 part bleach to 27 parts water.) I suspected Tea Tree Oil would also work, but I wanted to make sure that she killed all those bacteria in the bassinet at least initially. 

I saw the baby three weeks later. She was totally healed and had perfect skin. 

Case #3  Skin diseases of multiple origins in the same family. 

A woman called me almost in hysterics. I had been seeing several members of her family on and off the last month for various things. “If I don’t get to the bottom of these skin issues I’m going to totally lose it!” she said in tears. “I just can’t take anymore!” 

“Okay,” I said, “Let’s do this. . .bring ALL the kids in at the same time and let’s see what you are seeing and figure this thing out once and for all.” 

Four kids showed up for the appointment aged 5-16 years old.

“No wonder you are going crazy trying to figure this all out and do the home cure thing.” I said as I looked at different body parts on each child. “Each child has a different core cause for their itching!” 

“This one has flea bites on his bottom. You’ll have to treat the pets and the house to solve that one. The bites will resolve on their own in a few days. See the grouping here of five bites? And here’s another grouping of six” I showed her. “Fleas bite into the skin trying to locate a blood vessel so they can suck the blood to feed the eggs they will lay. They later poop the blood out and when the eggs hatch, they feed on the mom’s poop. Disgusting, huh? If the flea doesn’t hook into a blood vessel, they bit again and again until they get a bleeder.”  

“Now, Hailey has ringworm. She most likely got it from the new kitten you came in with the other day. We’ll have to strengthen both their immune systems and give both of them Tinea-Aid homeopathic drops. That stuff is awesome. Take a bit and rub it on the dry, hairless areas on the cat’s ears or paws and on the circle areas of Hailey’s arm each day. Wash the areas with soap and water first as the ringworm, which is actually a fungus, feeds off dry skin cells. If you take away the food source (the dead cells) the ringworm will go away faster. Also, give an oral dose twice a day of that same homeopathic.”  

“Now, the 12-year old boy has yeast. You can tell because on his hat line and belt line and where his buttocks rub together, there is a raw, reddish, moist look to it. Cut his sugar back, wash with chlorhexiderm soap every day, and massage the areas with some almond oil with a few drops of Myrrh Essential Oil on that every day. We’ll also add some Mycological Immune System Stimulator drops to kill off some of the yeast in his system. Those drops work better on children than taking oral Myrrh Gum Powder. And add some extra Lactobacillus Acidophilus to his diet for a few months. You can pick some up at the health food store across the street. Make sure to get the liquid stuff in the refrigerator section, and make sure it’s not outdated.” 

“Now, for 9-year old Jenny here. . .” I said. “Jenny has a combination of several things. We’ll need to worm her for internal parasites, get her guts built up with some of that Lactobacillus and lastly, we’ll need to work on the emotional issues. See where the pattern is for her skin issues on the crooks of the arms, and behind the knees and all over her face? That often indicates an emotional component. It’s important to make sure she is not constipated. Ask her every day to make sure she is having a bowel movement. If she isn’t give her a natural laxative, and up her fruit and fiber.” 

We worked on Jenny for about a month teaching her and her mother how to do emotional release work at home. It was obvious that she was picking up on how to use muscle testing, but she needed her mom to follow the steps on the sheet and come up with the emotions to clear to release all the negative energy from her body. They did quite well as a team on that. When I next saw Jenny, I literally had no idea who was gleefully saying hello to me in the reception area. I didn’t recognize her because her skin was so healthy!  The elephant skin look to her face had vanished. Mom was happy again.  

What’s New on the Website?  

Wow, I am really impressed with www.TotalMerchantConcepts.com! The visa/MasterCard processing is going really well. I understand their site, it’s easy to use and things are working so much more smoothly than when I tried Pay Pal. Many of you have asked if I can take American Express. I’m not quite ready to do that yet, but keep asking. I may change my mind later on down the road. 

Ask Dr. Moffat:  

Dr. Moffat: Do you have any information on apple cider vinegar and its health cures for humans and horses? Jane M. from Tennessee 

Jane: I think this will help you a lot! I don’t use vinegar (I’m blood type O) but if I did, I’d use this brand. It’s the best on the market. Dr. Paul Bragg has now passed over, but he spent nearly 80 years promoting natural health and has changed millions of lives. I think his wife owns the company still: https://www.bragg.com/products/liquidaminos.html 

Jane’s Response:  Thank you for the information.  I am also type O……. are there problems with type O’s and Apple Cider Vinegar? 

Dr. Moffat:  YES! We are allergic to anything with vinegar in it ( e.g. salad dressings, condiments, marinades, and pickles) as these products cause phlegm and catarrh. I once was douching with vinegar as a preventative for yeast (this may sound more personal to some of you than you’d like to read, but millions of women douche, so I think it’s extremely important. Also a greater proportion of Americans are Blood Type O). Could NOT understand why I was cramping all the time in my bowels, ovaries, abdomen and bladder area. Then I read the Eat Right for Your Type book by Dr. Peter D’Adamo and saw the Avoid list of foods. DUH! Vinegar was on the top of the list! I stopped douching immediately and all that pain went away the next day and never came back. I then I realized that every time I had a hamburger I had to clear my throat for about 4 hours. Annoying. So, now I try to stay away from vinegar in all forms. Oh well. I’d rather have my health. D. 

Dr. Moffat, how much Thytrophin PMG should I take to reverse hypothyroidism? The bottle says 1 tablet with meals. Are two or three tablets a day enough to be effective? And how long does it normally take for the thyroid to start responding and improving after starting Thytrophin PMG? Your reply will be appreciated.   Thanks!   Jon

Jon: It’s way more complicated than that. I’ve actually never seen a hypothyroid case reverse with just Thytrophin PMG. Sometimes the dose starts out slow, then increases, then pulses for a few months and then there may be a maintenance dose for many years. I also have clients who use a combination of both medication and Thytrophin to make things work for them. 

Theoretically the body replaces every cellular component of every cell in the body within a 9-month cycle. So why then are we still sick after all the cellular structures have been replaced? I believe it to be the involvement of the other complicating components to dis-ease that have not been addressed. 

For hypothyroidism these factors may include emotions, spiritual needs, diet, electromagnetic fields, circulation, lifestyle, toxins (cigarettes, drinking, caffeine, soda), electrolyte imbalances, and alkalinity of the system (although there may be more!) 

If you aren’t on synthroid or armor thyroid medications yet, you have chance to shift the energy with work and commitment. After being on hypothyroid drugs for a few years, it’s much harder to do. And, it is usually a lifetime commitment to better health practices that keeps one from reverting back to the need for thyroid medications. These are things we talk about during a consult. 

I know that doesn’t help much, but please know you are not the only one who writes to me about this particular issue. Although Thytrophin is an excellent product, a personalized strategy and some professional support is always in order for this particular challenge. One thing you can do at home though is to always walk with your thumbs pointed forward, use hot packs on your thyroid gland area for a few minutes each day and force yourself to always speak your truth out loud (even if it’s only to whatever you call God and not to the person who you really want to tell what for to!) Good luck!  Denice 

Hi Dr. Moffat, I’ve been reading your e-zine religiously for the past few months.  Your information is very useful and enlightening.  I usually print it off and give it to my husband to read also.  I was wondering if you could enlighten me on a particular problem that my cat has who is just about 14 years old.  She has been diabetic for about 8 years now.  Her sugar level is well under control but she suffers from neuropathy.  It has gotten particularly worse over the past month –I  haven’t found a good vet in my area and no one seems to know how to treat it.  I have been giving her about a gram of B-12 Methylcobalamin daily for about 2 weeks now and she seems to have improved slightly.  She totally walks on her haunches and tends to drag her rear left leg.  Otherwise she is a very happy cat and healthy—she tends to sulk at times because I am sure she is frustrated by her condition. She used to walk around a lot and enjoyed playing.  I feel bad for her and wish I could do something.  Do you have any suggestions? 

Much appreciated,  Diana from Canada  

Diana: Sounds to me like a basic hypokalemia case (low potassium) so Google it out! Try giving her 50mg of Potassium/day mixed in her food for a week and let me know how that goes. And you can make a phone consult with me if you like to discuss other options. In humans, magnetic mattresses and shoe inserts work awesome for neuropathy conditions. In the animal world the Nikken Pet Pad works wonders because the animal spends time on it as it needs to and gets off of it when it’s had enough magnetic energy (pets are so smart.) You might want to try the magnet thing. I think they are about $150? I don’t remember. Maybe you can find a used one on EBAY? Thanks for writing and supporting my newsletter! Namaste. Denice 

(Note: I contacted Diana a couple of weeks after this correspondence and her cat had passed over. Hypokalemia is a life-threatening disease and cats can spiral downwards health-wise within just a few days. I believe in treating the full person (in this case the full family unit which includes Diana!) Supporting friends and family when they lose a pet is just as important as supporting them emotionally when they lose a human member of their family. We send you loving energy Diana in hopes that your grieving period is effective and quickly completed!) 

Hello Dr. Moffat…just found your website. I think it is great! Question: I know I live too far away from you to come see you, but I thought I might ask you anyway about a problem I’m having…I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I know that is a “Catch All” phrase and symptoms are never the same for everybody. My symptoms are low adrenal function, low testosterone function, low thyroid function, low immune system function, and low energy. I work six days a week at a physically demanding job—have done so for about 20 years. I’m 50 years old, divorced and stressed out at times, plus I work a swing shift. If you were to treat me…where would you start looking for a problem? Thanks. Ed 

Ed. I would treat all the core causes. Most of my practice is by phone consultation. We can do this for you. I’ve been there and done that same thing. Seems I have more energy now than I’ve ever had in my life (and more joy in living). For me it was diet, yeast, 4 viruses, adrenals, heart, spleen, emotions and not being on my true life path. I don’t know what it is for you, but this is a journey and you just need someone to show you the map and to take a few steps forward. Focus on healing for four months and I think I can get you to a better place. Denice 

Dr. Moffat: I just wanted to say thank you, because many times Doctor’s will give you the results of blood work and not take the time to explain some of the things that may be a little high or low,  I needed to know about Leukocytes on my blood results form. It said “results –trace +reference range—neg”. I still don’t know what trace means but at least I know what the word means now. Again Thank You.  Lil 

Thanks Lil. So you understand then that your white cells (leukocytes) are just a little bit out of whack (elevated)? This could be from stress or a viral or bacterial infection depending on what type of white cells are a little elevated. They wouldn’t know which type unless they did a CBC (Complete Blood Count), then we could figure out what the challenge is and take care of it (well, maybe the doctors couldn’t do that without more tests, but muscle testing can!) If your results say Trace leukocytes in the urine, this would mean you have a slight urinary tract infection. (I test your leukocytes are elevated from a viral infection of some kind.) Denice 

Product of the Month: Nothing this month 

Media Review (Book) Untwinned: Perspectives on the Death of a Twin before Birth edited by Althea Hayton 

Althea is a Womb Twin Survivor from England who contacted me last year after finding me from the web page I had built on the Vanishing Twin Syndrome and asked me to write a chapter for her book. Untwinned is available through www.amazon.com 

I got my copies of the book in August and finally got the chance to read it a month or two later and was quite impressed by the litany of  highly educated authors she had enticed to contribute. I was honored to be one of them. 

I often see clients who fight for the little guy, feel they have to take care of everyone else first before taking care of themselves (justifying their existence?), and have very deep-seated money issues (feelings of lack of self confidence, subconscious need to punish themselves for surviving or making amends to others because they could not rectify the guilt of surviving while their twin did not? Some of these issues are resolved if the person discovers the core cause which can sometimes be a vanishing twin. 

Here are some things I found interesting in Untwinned

Lynn Schultz, founder of Murraylands Twin Loss in Australia, finds similar clients in her practice. She shares: “Those survivors who were not told about their twinship and later discovered by accident, were able to find answers to questions that had haunted them for most of their lives. It enabled them to put their life into some type of perspective, allowing them to move forward in a more positive way. (Chapter 4:48.) 

Chapter 7, is the story of Bryony Goode written by Jan Woodward, a psychotherapist who founded the Lone Twin Network in 1989. Bryony shares part of her history of being a twin survivor which may give further clues as to why some babies cry incessantly. Her identical twin died in utero late in gestation. Her mother did not know she was carrying twins at the time: 

“From the start, there appear to have been hints that the loss of my twin sister had affected me. I was a very unhappy baby, always crying and screaming. Often I would not be comforted or quieted by anything my parents did. As a toddler I couldn’t be left alone without becoming distressed.” (A built in fear of being abandoned?)  

Bryony also had experienced long-term depression and anxiety and had always felt that people didn’t talk to each other at a level which really mattered. She still seeks relationships that are empathic and telepathic. 

I thought this interesting as I never have been interested in talking about superficial things myself. I want to get to the guts of things right from the start (as many of you already know!) 

In Chapter 8, Dr. Charles Boklage, professor in the Dept. of Pediatrics in the Brody School of Medicine has studied twins for 20 years. He offers these statistics: 

Only one pregnancy in eight begins as twins. For every live born twin pair, 10-12 twin pregnancies result in single births. Using these estimates, 12-15% of all live births are products of twin embryogenesis. 

Chapter 13 covers memory access of the fetus. I learned that fetuses of women with chronic stress have fast heart rates and are very active. The fetus only calms when its mother’s stress levels have subsided. 

If the mother has used sugar, nicotine or alcohol to calm her nerves, she transfers the memory of use of these substances to the baby’s neurological system. The visceral memory of in utero exposure to these addictive substances is triggered unconsciously later in the life when stressful events arise leading to the compulsive self-medicating use of these same substances to calm the nerves. 

In past years, the medical profession assumed that the baby’s mind and feelings did not develop until after birth. Studying the Vanishing Twin Syndrome reveals a different story. We do have cellular memory, even in utero

Dr. John James (Chapter 16) concludes that: “losing a twin is one of the most powerful events occurring in the womb.” Even if the loss takes place during the first trimester (when it seems most twins decide to leave) the experience imprints into the physical and emotional development of the baby. He believes that the most effective healing procedure includes accessing in utero feelings and emotions, remembering that you are a twin survivor and forgiving the twin for leaving. 

I believe there is a 4th step as well which is to forgive yourself for living. 

Althea has a great resource section in the back of the book and a questionnaire which consolidates all the ideas brought out through the different chapters on the characteristics of a Womb Survivor which helps build a case (or not) in identifying yourself as one. 

If that Still Small Voice within is nudging you to explore this subject area, I highly recommend you listen to that voice and purchase a copy of the book. My Vanishing Twin Syndrome article is one of the most visited pages on my website and I get lots of inquiries from mothers carrying twins, especially in this day and age of fertility drugs.

I sent a copy of the book to my mom who read it immediately. It opened up some very nice conversations with her and gave me more clarity on my life journey as a Womb Twin Survivor, so I just wanted to say thank you Althea! Nice job!  

Do you have a vanishing twin? Take the survey at https://www.altheahayton.com/form and see. 

Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life  

A while back I wrote an article on Tofu and how some people thought it may be high in aluminum. Terri Schmidt, one of my clients who writes a tofu article for our local Co-op and who loves tofu did some research for me on that (Tofu works well for her body and she wanted to make sure it was safe.) Here’s what she heard back from a popular tofu company – MoriNu.

”We do not use aluminum container to process our tofu.  In addition, we test our tofu products regularly to ensure that there is no leaching of ANY materials into the food items. The process that you’re describing has been used in the past by small “mom and pop” type tofu manufacturers.  I believe it was common at one time in Hawaii.  However, most manufacturers today are widely aware of the problem and don’t make the tofu in this manner.” Sincerely, Customer Service Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc. www.morinu.com 

(Thanks for your energy on that issue Terri! You can read her articles “Much Ado about Tofu” at: https://www.moscowfood.coop/recipes.html All is well. Denice)

Healthy Recipes:  

Taco Soup

  • 1# Ground Organic Beef, Emu, or Turkey
  • 2 Onions diced
  • 4 cups Water
  • 2 (28 oz) cans Organic Tomatoes chopped
  • 1 (27 oz) can Organic Kidney Beans, undrained
  • 1 (15 oz.) can Organic Tomato Sauce
  • 2 Envelopes of your favorite Taco Seasoning Mix (I found Durkee’s brand to have the least amount of MSG and nitrites in it.)  

Condiments and Garnish for each bowl:

  • ½ Avocado cut into cubes
  • 2 Teaspoons Sour Cream
  • 2 Tablespoons broken pretzels (they are lower in fat than chips) and
  • 1 Tablespoons Shredded or chopped Low-Fat Mozzarella Cheese

 Brown the meat and drain any fat. Add onion and cook, stirring occasionally 2-3 minutes. Add water, beans, tomato sauce, tomatoes and taco seasoning. Simmer covered at least 15 minutes. Serve very hot. 

Place pretzels in bottom of bowl along with diced avocado, sour cream, and cheese. Ladle the hot soup over the condiments then place a couple more pretzels on top as a garnish and serve.  Makes 8 large bowls (Approx. 3 quarts)        

Client Testimonials:  

Dr. Moffat.  I’m pleased to report that things are in general clearing up quite nicely with the yeast infection.  The ulcerations have healed, and that area is fading from a deep purple to a nice lavender shade.  I have hopes that it will eventually be back to the pink that my skin usually is.  I look forward to our follow-up visit to check on the iron levels, etc.  I think I’m feeling good — I’m interested to see if you sense something I’m overlooking.  Thanks for working me into your schedule.  Best    L.M.

Hello Denice – Long time no talk.  I think I told you about going to South Africa and the vaccinations I was advised to get. I just did my first series and you said you would be able to help me eliminate the metals or what not from my system, when can I start those?  Today I received the adult MMR, Dtap (tetanus), and Hep A & B (Twinrix).  

By the way – My son is still doing awesome.  We like it that way!  In the Spring we’re going to take him off the Pulmacort through the summer, and when we reintroduce it to him we’ll give it to him at half the strength he’s currently taking.  Affirming the little man will do awesome.  Still giving him his stuff but need to work harder on the live food, it can be challenging in this busy world of mine—I am not able to read his affirmation 3x a day—2x at best.  Peace – Melissa N. 

Melissa: Great to hear the asthma is responding. I knew that it would. He’s such a neat kid. Now for you . . . you will need the Traveler’s Immunization Nosode Drops which are to be taken two weeks prior to being vaccinated through two weeks after being vaccinated each time you get your vaccines. Since you’ve already had your first set of vaccines, just take them for two weeks this time. The second set of shots always causes the greatest side effects anyway as your body’s immune system has been primed by the first set of shots, so you should be fairly safe right now.  I’ll send some over to you! Denice 

Hello, I’ve been doing some research on MSG and found the MSG page in your Diet and Nutrition Section. I want to call to your attention that the FDA link you’ve used is now pointing to a debt website, which doesn’t look like what you intended.  I don’t know what the correct link to FDA would be, but it should end in “.gov” Thank you for some interesting information regarding MSG.  Karen K.   

Dear Kay: Well Thanks! That was really nice. I’ll go in and correct it today. Thanks for reading the site Karen. Glad to be of some assistance to you! Namaste. Denice 

Inspiration & Perspective:

“You could stand here sick with ten illnesses today, and tomorrow have no evidence of any of them. Your body has the ability to replenish itself that fast. But most of you do not have the ability to change your thoughts that fast. So the amount of time that it takes between sickness and wellness is only the amount of time that it takes for me to figure out how to let it in — for me to figure out how to feel good, when I’m looking at something that makes me feel bad” (Excerpted from an Abraham-Hicks workshop in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, November 4th, 2000.) All Is Well

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“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. The more joyful you are, the more Well-being flows to you — and you get to choose the details of how it flows.” (Excerpted from an Abraham workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, February 24th, 2001) 

What’s New at Our House?  

We purchased some used shelving from a clothing store that went out of business earlier in the year so we are 50% under budget for that item (Yippee!) Also found some used solid Oak kitchen cabinets in really great shape through my new favorite local site www.palouseads.com. They should fit nicely into the Affordable Cat Spay/Neuter clinic we are building in the basement. If you are local and have not checked this site out, you are in for a treat. 

We continue to work on our vision boards for our dream retreat center and I’ve just finished the handout for that, so I’ll put the link to it in the next newsletter for you. I started a MasterMind Group this January and we just completed our second meeting. Wonderful things coming from that. I made a commitment to myself to have a massage every other month. That’s a big jump for me. I’m totally committed to health, supplements, and eating right, but to actually take time off of work to tend to myself—well, that’s something else! 

I’ve had a few healers lately want to do exchanges with me, so I got to experience a few new techniques such as EFT (from April Rubino), energy work from Harriet McQuarie, a new type of Reiki from Jim Johnson and we have a new chiropractor in town who we went to see once.  All these practitioners are listed in my website under Healers: Links if you’d like to check them out. It’s good to try new healers to expand your “healing team.” I felt I should do what I tell my clients to do!  

Local Events: 

Reiki Circle Meets Friday 23, 2007 at The Orchard Studio here in Moscow, ID from 7-9 p.m. for more information contact Jim Johnson (He’s in Montana now.)

Spokane Holistic Festival March 31st, 2007.   10am  –  6pm at the Lair, Spokane Community College 1810 N. Greene Street. Spokane, WA. Any questions? Feel free to call  Sybil (509) 624-1865 or Cindy (509) 468-9001, and visit their website at www.holisticfestivals.com They are accepting applications now for booth space.

Women’s Retreat: Answering Your Call to Greatness—What One Woman Can Be. Place; Rosario Resort, Orcas Island, WA U.S.A., April 20-22nd, 2007 with Mary Manin Morrissey and Rickie Byers-Beckwith. Message, Meditation, Music, Dance, Song, Sharing, Trust, Tears, Commitment, Laughter, and Fun. Price includes retreat, gourmet meals and lodging. Call  (509) 922-1780 or visit the website:  https://www.lifesoulutions.com

Upcoming Classes with April Rubino (www.integrativemindworks.com) (208) 882-8159, (208) 301-4962. Classes will be at Gritman Comm. Wellness Center or The Orchard Studios (some dates vary, so check with her.) April is a friend of mine here in Moscow. I was talking to her about the challenges with weight loss and suggested she have EFT classes on that. So she is! This is great. She’s really good at what she does.  

  • April 2nd (Mondays) Weight Management with EFT A 4-part series of 90-minute workshops to reset your weight clock. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), uses acupressure tapping and guided mental focus to address problems ranging from emotional distress to physical pain to sub-optimal body weight or sports performance. In clinical use, its success rate averages an amazing 90%. At April’s Studio (www.theorchardstudio.com) Cost: $80  Registration deadline March 30, 2007.
  • April 3-May 8 Birthing Prep: Mind-Body Conditioning through Guided Visualization 7-8 p.m. at Gritman
  • Ongoing: Inner Listening Yoga – Wednesdays 10-11:30 a.m. at The Orchard Studio.
  • March 1- March 29 Postpartum Yoga for Moms & Babies Thursdays 9:45-11:00 a.m. at Gritman
  • March 7-May 2  Postpartum Yoga for Moms & Babies  Noon-1:15 p.m. at The Orchard Studio. 
  • April 5th-May 10 Personal Change with EFT Thursdays 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Orchard Studio. Cost: $120 (a bargain!) for this 6-part series of 90-minute workshops to tune up your life. Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as EFT, uses acupressure tapping and guided mental focus to address problems ranging from emotional distress to physical pain to sub-optimal job or sports performance.
    • 4/5/07 Session 1: Introduction to EFT
    • 4/12/07 Session 2: Dissolving Fears and Phobias
    • 4/19/07 Session 3: (S)He Makes Me So MAD!!!  
    • 4/26/07 Session 4: Giving Up Your (Sugar, Cigarette, Pop, Whatever) Addiction
    • 5/3/07 Session 5: Where Does It Hurt
    • 5/10/07 Session 6: Quit Blocking Abundance
  • Feb. 27-April 24 Gentle Yoga for Stress Release  9:45-11:00 a.m. or  5:30-6:30 p.m. at Gritman in Moscow, ID
  • March-May, 2007 Pre-Natal Yoga Tuesday morning 9:45-11 a.m. at Gritman  For More Information, go to: www.integrativemindworks.com

That’s it for this Month!

Be Healthy.  Denice

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Dr. Denice Moffat is a practicing naturopath, medical intuitive, and veterinarian working on the family unit (which includes humans and animals) through her phone consultation practice established in 1993. She has a content-rich website at www.NaturalHealthTechniques.com and free newsletter.