Nightshade Allersode

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Nightshade Allersode

(ANIGHT) 2 oz. bottle

I know I’ve told you all before that just one bite of green pepper for me lead to fibromyalgia symptoms three days after ingesting it. MAN, does that hurt! One homeopathic allersode made by Professional Complementary Health Formulas for Nightshades helps calm down these symptoms.

YouTube Video with Dr. Moffat on How to Use Homeopathics:

Nightshade Allersode (ANIGHT) Contains most of the common nightshades we eat in addition to a couple supportive agents: Ingredients: Adrenal 3x, 4x, ACTH 6x, 30x, Histaminum hydrochloricum 12x, Liver 6x, 12x, Chilis, Eggplant, Ground Cherries, Mustard Greens, Peppers (red/green), Tobacco, Tomato, Potatoes (red/white), Mushroom all at 6x, 12x, 60x, 100x (I have no idea why mushrooms are in this mix—are they a nightshade?)

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