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Lose Weight and Inches by Breathing

Oxygen burns fat. Let’s face it. Our lives are so busy these days that we just don’t think to breathe. People with low self-esteem, heart problems, people who are tired all the time, asthmatics and other lung diseases can really be helped from this type of exercise. These exercises specifically tone the abdominal muscles. Abs. are the biggest challenge for women over the age of 40. The tapes are quite simple to use, once your do a bit of practice. Jill R. Johnson has developed a technique called Oxycise.  

What is Oxycise:

Oxycise is the name of a series of instructional videos, DVDs, books, and audio tapes that combines breathing and tensing techniques packaged and is packaged as an exercise program. 

Would Oxycise work for you? Take this test:

Look at your fingernails. You should have little white moons (called lunulae) at the base of every nail except the little finger. If you don’t, breathing exercises can be extremely helpful. These exercises are designed for people who can’t partake in normal forms of exercise. Also, if you suffer from asthma, a broken heart, have “dowager’s hump” or your shoulders bend forward so that it diminishes the size of your chest; this and other breathing exercises would be good for you.   

The Oxycise Technique:

This technique is especially good for people who can’t exercise in other ways. It can be done standing, sitting, or in the prone position. Three sets of 10 repetitions are done utilizing diaphragmatic breathing techniques. The goal is to expand your lung capacity (tidal volume) maximally using complete inspiration and complete expiration breathing.

Jill teaches you to breathe using isometric exercises to tone and tighten muscles in your body. Jill teaches that if you are doing these exercises and you are dizzy you are not exhaling enough. If you yawn as you do the exercises you aren’t inhaling enough.

Oxycise can be done by all age groups.

Checkout this technique at www.oxycise.com or call 1(800) OXYCISE 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday Mountain Standard Time. She has an excellent website with a bulletin board for support.

Let us know if this works for you.

If this type of exercise doesn’t sing to you, I would seriously think about deep-breathing exercises or meditation incorporating deep-breathing exercises.

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