Pet Friendly Hotels and Motels

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Pet Friendly Hotels & Motels

(In the Northern Panhandle of Idaho and Eastern Washington area): 

About Pet Friendly hotels and motels. . . 

  • The majority of US hotels and motels do not allow guests to have pets of any sort in their rooms. 
  • A pet-friendly hotel is a hotel that allows guests to have a dog, cat, or other small animal in their rooms. 
  • Some pet-friendly hotels do not charge extra for pets. However, many charge either a per stay or per night pet fee. These fees are usually non-refundable. A deposit, on the other hand, will usually be refunded if your pet does no damage. 
  • Some hotels are dog-friendly only. Cats are not allowed. 
  • Some pet-friendly hotels have a weight limit. Be sure to ask! 
  • Virtually all hotels will expel dogs that bark and disturb other guests. 
  • Many hotels restrict pets to smoking rooms or to a limited number of “pet rooms.”

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the pet related information in this guide, as hotels change their pet policies and fees. 

  • Important: To make sure you don’t have a problem when you check in, be sure to describe the pet or pets you plan to bring.

HOTEL COST CODES            $ = Under $60     $$ = $60-99    $$$ = $100-149     $$$$ = $150-199    $$$$$ = $200 + 

Lewiston, Idaho/Clarkston, Washington area Hotels/Motels 

Moscow, Idaho/Pullman, Washington area Hotels/Motels:

Friendly Pet Links:

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