Prosperity Principles That Work

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with Jack Boland of Church of Today

I have this tape set. I love it. Here are the notes from tape 1 of 6. If you like it, I’d highly recommend you purchase the tape set and do the exercises Jack recommends.

Tape 1 Side 1:

Are you really ready to be changed to the very matrix of your being? So that nothing will be the same again? Not those small changes, but the big eruptions from within? Are you willing to become a dynamic being? If you are ready and declare it or decree it then it will come true. This Universe knows no lack. The fact that you have need will make the Universe provide now. Little minds don’t believe how great they are, so are poverty conscious.

What money metaphors do you use in everyday thought and conversation?

Where is the money coming from?
How am I going to pay the rent?
Sure would like to have a new car.
Wonder why I can’t get a better job?
Why can’t I be successful like other people?
I work, try, and pray so hard, I wonder why it’s not happening to me?
Why am I always broke?

Do you want to do something about it and throw off the shackles of lack? I promise to transform change in every corner of your world if your mental soil is right. Eliminate negative thoughts. Prosperity is not just dollars alone. It is also good fortune, healthy growth, well-being, etc. Do you want fulfillment in every area of your life?

In this first lesson we are going to shape our consciousness. We will add ideas from there.

What has been serving you? Do you know how to order what you want or know what you can order? Change your order! Attitude amplifies power and activates good and does all that is good for you. Faith is a change to expectancy in the capacity of the Spiritual seed substance to direct its own powerful intelligent activity.

Ether: The seed substance in metaphysical terms used to be called ether. The mind substance that permeates all parts of the Universe responsive to all who work with it. It is a plastic-moldable substance. God is perfect light, love and substance. Work with the mind substance in all of our affairs to provide us our good.

Side B:

You need to have soil to plant the seed. The kind of seed we plant is the crop that we reap. Overcome the thought that poverty is a virtue. It is actually a sickness of the mind. These people don’t understand man or the relationship with God. If you settle for the vow of poverty, cancel it! “Prove me now sayeth this Universal power.” “These things I do, YOU can do more.”

The marvels of the Universe are within you. God substance is Spirit energy, the essence of man. There are no bounds. Man imposes boundaries by our thoughts and feelings.

Graven ideas are deeply impressed or firmly fixed or crystallized thoughts. “Thou shalt not take to thyself any graven thoughts”. Let the source of your good be Universal substance. The most real world is the invisible world. How do we mold this world? Make the God substance become real in our minds. We must know how to mold the God substance to shape our world.

Jesus says it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This means those who depend on material things and having no dependence on the God substance. To be possessed by things means having a fear of loss of those material things. Open to the recognition of God substance. Use the recognition and praise thinking, feeling and dreaming. Your life is a fantastic unfolding of the highest good known to God. Recognizing and blessing the substance increases the flow of that substance. Anticipate the results of the blessings you give.

The Assignment for week one: Ideas that will change your destiny:

Repeat after me, “I AM PROSPERITY“. Repeat this 100 times, three times per day this week. Say it until you believe it. . .over and over for one whole week. Not money. . .prosperity. . ..this is the seed that shapes the plastic of your substance. See and feel nothing else for 7 days. Work, pray and meditate about it. Watch your attitude, thoughts and feelings and replace all negative thoughts with I AM PROSPERITY. I am going to repeat it until I believe it, until I feel it and integrate it to what sustains me. I am rich in the substance of life. Thank you father. And so it is. . .Amen!


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