Ask Dr. Moffat: Amounts of raw dark leafy greens to eat

Dr. Moffat: I always feel so happy after we speak! (Your healing energy.) You’re very encouraging and you always seem to help me remember, “You’re doing okay”. I forget this notion when left to my own head! And my day picked up after talking to you. . . some new patients. . . new energy once I reconnected with you reminding me “you’re a healer!” (Now if I can only STAY at that vibration!!)

On the greens.. I know you told me in the past not to have too many goitrogen types of veggies per week because of my hypothyroid issue (but also you want me to have them for hemoglobin etc.), so I just wanna make sure I know the exact amounts I’m allowed; how much TOTAL raw kale/ spinach/ week? How much cooked kale or spinach/ week? Thanks for being you 🙂 Stacy

Stacy: Thanks for the kudos! I try to be a good cheerleader. Now, in general you’ll want to eat all the colors of the rainbow that you can, but most people need to limit their raw goitrogens to no more than 4 cups/week. Cooking inactivates the enzymes that hurt the thyroid though so if you still feel the need to eat more greens (or want them) you can cook them and eat away. Raw kale is so popular these days in smoothies that all the healers and the medical system are seeing more people come in who are hypothyroid and some of this is because of all the raw goitrogens they are adding into their smoothies. For liver and brain issue, stay more with the dark leafy green stuff (goitrogen or not, but cooked but 4 cups/week raw as well). 

Lacinato (Dinosaur or Tuscano) Kale

Lacinato (Dinosaur or Tuscano) Kale

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