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Often in a practice such as mine people get to me after they have expended all of their resources, and naturopathy is not covered by many insurance companies (although the Blue Cross Cafeteria Plan is readily accepted and there are lots of FLEX plans and Medical Savings Accounts that accept natural medicine as well.) 

This is common with cancer cases, special needs children, wildlife and animal rescue. In 2006 I worked with a woman who had been in a coma for 12 months. Her husband had taken her to over 30 doctors in a 12-month period (well, they came to her!) You can imagine how his bills are adding up! I try to limit my tithing time to 5 hours per week, but this one case was taking much more than that in time with the reflexology, Reiki and Cranio-Sacral work I was doing on her. 

I do my best to accommodate these cases often by tithing my own services for the exam process and phone consultations, but sometimes these clients don’t even have money to purchase the supplements they need. 

If you would like to donate any amount for people with these special needs, I have a special envelope I set aside with these funds in it to use when I feel the need is crucial. 

Please mail your tithe to:

  •           Dr. Denice Moffat
  •           c/o Share the Health
  •           1069 Elk Meadow Lane
  •           Deary, ID 83823

On the memo part of the check please write in “Share the Health” 

I will set the money aside, record it into an excel sheet, write you out a receipt (it’s NOT tax deductible at this point,) and mail the receipt back to you. I’ll also write out a thank you note at the time I use the funds and tell you how they were used (omitting names of course to protect client/patient confidentiality). 

Just a note on this: A woman started sending $50/month about 2 years ago. I’ll have to say she is the only one who has ever sent any money for this project. She is an absolute ANGEL! Would you like to see a list of what we’ve used the money for? Here it is:


Date $ Name of Donator How $ was used $Used/TYN  
2/15/2009 $50.00 Maria     $50.00 X
3/15/2009 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
3/15/2010     (Morgellon’s) -$20.00  
2/15/2009     Thymus supps and urinary infection cases -$42.00  
4/15/2009 $50.00 Maria Child with allergies -$43.36 X
5/19/2009 $51.50 Maria Leukemia supplements in 86 yr old woman -$84.22 X
6/4/2009 $14.00 Maria Pituotrophin in 150# 6 year old -$14.00  
6/14/2009 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
7/9/2009 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
7/31/2009     Single mom of 3 kids for supplements -$50.00  
8/7/2009 $50.00 Maria   $50.00 X
      18 year old father of 4 children (yikes!) -$20.00  
      Hard times for a college student -$46.50 X
    Maria Ran out of money treating a cat with a lip ulcer-homeopathics -$35.80  
9/10/2009     Bacterial drops for new mom -$20.50  
12/31/2009 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
1/7/2009     Woman on welfare old cat treatment for renal failure -$50.00  
      Supps for a client out of work for over a year -$26.02 X
2/22/2010 $100.00 Maria   $100.00  
3/20/2010 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
4/15/2010     Postage for an Abraham CD for a desperate man -$5.00  
4/20/2010     Homeopathic for a client who lost her job  -$21.50  
4/20/2010     Supps for a client whose husband is dying of cancer -$21.00  
4/27/2010 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
6/3/2010 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
5/12/2010     Man with horrid body odor supps and recheck -$96.50  
6/29/2010 $50.00 Maria   $50.00 X
7/12/2010 $50.00 Maia   $50.00  
7/26/2010     Help for a rescue horse (herbs) -$38.82  
8/20/2010 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
8/13/2010     Single parent of 4 kids -$25.00 X
10/13/2010     Glandular for a man out of work for 6 months -$16.00  
10/25/2010     Herpes nosode for a New York artist -$20.00  
10/18/2010 $50.00 Maria   $50.00  
11/26/2010 $50.00 Maria   $50.00 X

Thank you and Namaste.  Denice