Shingles-Is There Natural Help?

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Natural Help for Shingles 

Hi Dr Moffat, my mom is not a patient of yours. I wanted to ask if you sell anything or recommend any vitamins that might help with my mom’s shingles. She is 75 years old. She did have the shingles vaccine. She is on week three and most of the rash is gone, but still experiences swelling/pain in her abdominal area on the left side where she had the rash-front to back. Rash is mostly gone. She completed her course of antivirals and antibiotic to prevent secondary infection. They gave her Gabapentin for her nerve pain- but she does not want to take it as she is very sensitive to medication and lives alone. Shingles Maximum Recovery Cream helps. She is taking Aleve at night. . . I know she is not a patient, but when at the store tonight, your name came running in my head many times.  Things are improving slowly. She is keeping hydrated and eating well. CM

Dear CM: The Shingles nosode has been working quite well, but it’s a bit late for that as your mom is on the upside of this. She’s not testing strong on the Gabapentin though (just tapped into her field and asked through muscle testing) so she should follow her intuition on not taking that. The cream is working. Continue that. Minimize the Aleve if at all possible. Is she’s open to a consult please have her get in touch with me. Does she know her blood type? Eating foods that are anti-inflammatory would be helpful for the residual recovery. Thanks for asking! Denice