Silva Method Case Examples

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Silva Method Case Studies

Over the years I’ve used the Silva Method to work on my clients and to tap into their energy fields knowing for the most part what health problems they were dealing. I did this to practice so I could learn what it would feel like in my own body once I tapped into their fields. Often I would email them and tell them what I found after doing the Silva Method on them and more often than not, they supplied the validation that I was on the right track. Love that validation. It’s a definite sign that one is on the right track with their Life Purpose!

I now know what neurological disease feels like (wavy energy in my hands as I envision scanning down the energy field of the body using the Silva Method); I can tell when a person has just taken their pain medication using the Silva Method  (this is kind of trippy!); I can visualize where a spine is out and what it looks like (and put it back into place often) using the Silva Method; I can feel brain fog in a client with memory problems, but mostly I enjoy being able to visualize what part of the body draws my attention and letting Spirit guide me to use whatever is in the imagination to get that energy shifted. This all takes practice, so those of you out there just starting your path into energy healing, please know that I started out with just a desire to do this kind of work and just kept at it—taking classes, reading books and practicing on people. I wouldn’t change anything and fully encourage you to explore the possibilities of energy work.

The following are some cases where I’ve used the Silva Intuition Method. I thought you’d like to get an idea of how the Silva Method technique works. In the morning I dedicate 30 minutes to my client cases. I often write in a journal after each session but sometimes not. Sometimes I just tape a photo of them next to my bed and look at the photo to tap in then go into the meditative state and fix whatever shows up.

Silva Method CDs Bundle

See the Barbara Hawkins Interview for class info.

Silva Method Case Interactions:

Silva Method Case #1: Protection for a healer living in a home with negative energy: Sometimes I have a pretty strong imagination but once I started the ball rolling on this energy assessment it just kind of built on that energy and ran away with me. . .

I started scanning this healer’s energy field during my morning meditation and noticed that her auric field was disrupted. Outside influences were really getting to her. .I saw this silver cord come down from the heavens and I felt I should thread it through her chakras. When I did that, the thread expanded and filled her auric field like a fine electric mesh fence. “Now how are we supposed to charge this and keep it functioning?”

I asked, when from the sky two little silver cords came down with clips on the end of them. Battery chargers! Direct from the God Generator Battery Bank! Ha. So I’ve hooked her fence up to protect her after I closed down my healing session with her. I recommended she pay particular attention to energetically setting up a force field each day to protect herself, calling in her guides and angels and the Archangels.

Silva Method Case #2: A woman with a problem child who puts herself last over everyone else in her family. Hey Kim. That was wild. You had red shards and projections shooting from between the two sides of your brain like anger shooting out. I transformed the energy into white healing light and directed it back into your brain. Scanning the rest of your body, I found that your pancreas was really swollen so I worked on shrinking it to normal size.

With the Silva method I then worked on your adrenals with blue and green lights and for some reason the LEFT leg wanted energy but I wasn’t so sure that it was the left leg that had the problem or was it the left leg compensating for an issue in the right limb which sometimes happens.

I focused on making the bone and general skeletal system more dense and strong. Oh, and your heart felt really heavy (I’m thinking a daughter issue from what you shared during our consult). Sent healing energy to that area too, but it felt like it would take some time to let that sift out and heal.  That’s if for today. I’ll let you know when it wants more energy and what happens next. Denice

Silva Method Case #3: 40-ish woman with a spinal cyst. This morning during my meditation and check-in with your physical body I felt like you were having something stagnant in the upper arcade of your mouth (kind of like a tooth problem). Felt really stuffy and I think I was feeling your Tramadol. That was wild. The top of my head was fuzzy feeling like I was drugged. Anyway, I removed a gargolyle from your tailbone area and asked Archangel Michael to help destroy it. Bad things to attract!

I’m thinking that this is a core cause of your spinal challenge. I then put in an IV drip into your right arm and am instilling a potent chemical to kill off any harmful bacteria, viruses and yeast. The drip will take three days to finish so let me know how you’re doing after that. Wild stuff! Kinda fun though. You may want to get a super mini magnet for that tooth problem if you’re not going to get to the dentist soon. Here’s that link:  and you’ll need a package of NikStix to go with that. You can call Focus on Growth for that (800) 496-8508.

Silva Method Case #4 Sinus stuff: Good morning Char. I adjusted your cranium and worked the eustachian tubes today with the Silva Method. Your eustachian tubes seemed to be stagnated and giving you some trouble. I then (and this seemed weird but I just went with it) just eased my hand into your abdomen and put gentle pressure on that coccyx area giving you trouble until it slipped back into place where it should be. At the same time I did this I felt C1 go in. Kind of made that association with the Lovett Brothers chart which shows that when the coccyx is out C1 compensates and also goes out. Hmmm.

It may help today to massage around your ears. Especially above and to the front of the ear. I suspect you’ll find some tender spots to work. They will be associated with certain organs in your body but I’d have to dig that chart out and see what they would be. If I think of it, I’ll see if I can find it and photocopy it and put a copy in your records and mail it to you the next time you need something or do a recheck. I hope that input helps! Denice

Denice: Much thanks. How did you know I needed this?  Wow. And I am flying with my parents tomorrow to Southern California!! Blessings to you! Char

Awesome feedback Char. I was practicing my Silva Intuition method and was asking which clients to work on during my morning meditation. I muscle tested to work on you so my goal was to scan the body and have the top three areas pop out at me that needed to be worked on. Wonderful class Char. I think you’d like it!

Silva Method Case #5: Adrenal Pain: Hi again.  Just want to thank you for the healing session of this morning.  I don’t know what you did, but by this afternoon while driving home I noticed that my adrenals were pain-free for the first time in weeks.  In fact even though I woke up with them screaming at me and despite being back on medication for that, I didn’t have much hope that they would get comfortable again anytime soon.  So thank you very very much!  It helped in an amazing way.  Just curious – what did you do, if I might ask?  Elisabeth

Dear Elisabeth: I did a scan on your body using the Silva Method, found the pain area and charged it with energy. Cool method. You the Healer by Jose Silva is the best book on the subject—I’ve read several books on the Silva Method now. The other thing I’ve been playing with lately is Reconnection work (Dr. Erik Pearl). . .see his website at:  You may want to check into that as well. Thanks for the feedback! Denice

Silva Method Case #6: High-powered female executive working in a strong male environment. Hi Sherri. Just checking in on you because I’ve been sending you some energy during my morning meditation using the Silva Method among other techniques. I’ve been focusing on repairing your energy field (aura). I just read a good book I think you should read (having to do with your boss I think)–it’s called The Unquiet Dead: A psychologist treats spirit possession by Dr. Edith Fiore. I think this definitely relates to you. Get a copy and see what you think. OK? Denice

Thanks, Dr. Moffat.  I’m having a particularly hard time right now.  My Grandpa died yesterday.  The Holidays are also difficult to navigate alone and I just feel sad.  I do feel that my energy field and aura need repair, so I’m thrilled to know that you were working on that on my behalf.  I’ll check out the book on the Silva Method you recommended. Will you share what you are feeling and doing exactly?

OK Sherri,Well let’s see. . . Here are my notes (now that you ask) 12/9/10.  I see what looked like a post hole digger digging into the shoulder area extending into the heart. I sent the area energy and spread the apparatus apart then levitated the thing out of your head and neck area. Then on 12/10/10 I did an energy treatment to the aura clearing out all the layers. Flicked out some annoying things in the auric field on the back side.  It felt like wavy energy around reproductive area and knees so I sent extra blue light energy to those areas. Does that help?

Denice: That does help!  And it often FEELS like a post hole digger in my shoulder!  Love that description.  Thank you for working on my behalf.  I’ll check out that book you mentioned.

Wow Sherri, how bizarre is that? That must be a very weird sensation. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Silva Method Case #7: Female professional athlete with heart issues. Denice, Just thought I would check in.  I have been working with the Silva Intuition method for I would say a month now.  I focus on the Halo method and truly get down to getting inside my body and repairing my heart.  I also imagine my ultimate outcome.  My dad now wants to use my CD’s. Can you test my progress?  Can you ask my guides if there is anything my heart is saying that I am missing? Also, how many Cardio Plus do you test me on?

I feel I have been moving in the right direction.  The only thing I am trying to pin down is why my heart rate shoots up in the night.  I have had great days, but in the middle of the night I will wake up having a high heart rate and it will be skipping like crazy.  I can’t remember my dreams or what I may have been feeling or thinking at that point.  Can my guides answer why my heart is reacting in the night? I see there are a lot of Silva Method packages out there.  What package did you buy?  Thanks. Mari

Congratulations on your new job Mari! Wow. You did it! You’re on 7/day of the Cardio plus and you’ve made 30% progress Kari. Good!  I’m testing it doesn’t matter what time you take them for maximum effectiveness and you can take them all at one time if you like. Focus on the nerves to the heart. They are a bit irritated and “snappy” at 120% effectiveness.  Especially to the septal area.

I ordered my CD’s from Barbara Hawkins. We just have the Silva Method Life Course. I’m going to order the Intuition Course next for my husband as I’ve taken that class. But I don’t remember the halo technique. I’m excited to learn that one too! Middle of the night excitement? What time? The heart meridian runs from 11pm to 1am. Is it then? That would make sense with the nerves being super active. I’m also getting stress (in general) is the cause so you must be processing. What about doing some Silva on stress relief? I wonder if that would work. Hope that helps direct you. Thanks for checking in. Denice 

OK Denice, My heart rate increase is indeed at 11 – 1pm. I have the Silva Method Intuition Course.  I see there is another called Silva Mind Body Healing.  I wonder if I should have gotten that program.  Each program is $297.  Tough for me to purchase another. When you have done distance healing on me, what do you do?  What do you visualize?  Mari

Thanks Mari. Well the heart rate will be your indicator then that you’re getting better. Don’t give up or run out of the Cardio Plus Mari. To answer your question though, I go to “state” (the meditative level of alpha you learned and practiced when you read You the Healer) when I’m working on you and do a body scan to see where the healing is needed. For nervous system problems  (for me anyway) it feels like my hands are kind of wavy down the body as I visualize you in front of me and run my hands down your energy field from the top of your head to your feet.

I check in with the internal organs as I go (visualizing them) and it seems to keep my attention at the places that need the energy. Then I shoot energy into those areas. Sometimes it looks like sparkles, sometimes I get that I’m supposed to fill the area with gold/silver/purple or green light and sometimes I feel other things or see things being done to your body. Does that help? I ask healing guides and angels to come in before I do the body scan.  I don’t test you need the Silva Mind-Body healing CD’s at this time. It sounds like you have the process down. You just need a bit of sharing and input to manipulate it for your use. Denice

Silva Method Case # 9: Suicidal Tendencies in a teenager.  Good morning Deb. I did a healing on your son this morning using the Silva Method. I removed a dark energy band around his head area but the rest of his body seemed very healthy. Dr. Denice

Oh my Dr. Denice, reading your email gives me goose bumps. I am so excited. We drove home from school today and he seems on top of the world. Deb.

Case #10: Status Epilepticus in a ten year old boy. I’ve been working on this one for a month or so now. The parents are not clients yet but the boy is the grandson of a friend of ours. He has these fits where he goes into an epileptic seizure and does not come out. He has to be airlifted to a hospital that is allowed to use a Versed drip. They put him on the drip for several days and then they wean him off over time. If he goes right back into a seizure they have to anesthetize him again. It’s a really tough case and if you all want to send prayer for Aiden then we’d really appreciate it. Please see him as healed, whole and healthy (not in the state he has suffered from).

When I tap into Aiden, sometimes I feel he is still under anesthetic, but lately I can feel that the anesthetic is out of his system because I don’t feel drugged up. When I use the Helmet Technique (pretend to take his head and put it onto mine like a motorcycle helmet) and breathe in through my nose, I can feel that oxygen is not getting to the right side of his brain. The left side feels fully oxygenated and I can see the oxygen swirl around without impedance. The right side feels plugged up like a sinus problem only it’s in the brain.

So each day I tap in and try to oxygenate that side of the brain by taking bigger and bigger breaths, visualizing the oxygen penetrating in circles that are circulating in larger and larger areas. I can still feel a bit of a tough layer just on the inside of his skull so I’m assuming he is not totally healed, but I do believe it’s working. I haven’t talked to my friend for a while but I’ll call her every once in a while to check on him. I hope this treatment will heal him permanently. I keep tapping into his head area on a daily basis with the Silva Method and then take a deep breath to see how clear his head it. Seems like it’s getting clearer.

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