SNAP Exercise

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We did this exercise when we moved to Sedro-Woolley, Washington. The results were not quite what we had expected. After making contact with about 10 different groups, I was totally bummed. They all just sat there and refused to get involved! When we asked them what we could help them with and if they had any questions, the most common question was, “I don’t get it…what do YOU get out of it?” 

We DID end up finding a high school student to work on the local museum’s website and we also found a resource for a boxcar for the local steelhead club. Of course, I could just imagine all the things we COULD have done if people really got into it…SO…why don’t you

Instead of using the exercise in the format below, email me what you need that you can’t find. I’ll insert it into the SNAP Needs/Wants Bulletin area. 

In the subject line put SNAP Exercise request. Include your phone number and contact email. Make sure you tell me when you find what it is you are looking for so I can report back to our readers. 


The Goal of the exercise

  • Making the world a better place to be now and for future generations by sharing our gifts.
  • To Tithe to the Universe the “music” of your time, Talent, Love or Treasures.

“No one should ever leave this world with their music still in them.”    Dr. Wayne Dyer

What is a Gift? 

It is our special and unique purpose, calling, or mission. It’s what you stand for. It is anything that brings you excitement, satisfaction, joy and energy. When we use our gifts we have more energy, more wealth and better relationships. Finding and sharing our unique gifts makes the planet a better place. 


The process:

  1. Take several 3 X 5 cards and put your name, email address, and phone number on the backs of the cards.
  2. We will act as the “traveler” for the exercise. We have several colored bags we have brought with us. Each bag has a page stapled to it with a list of “What We Need” items and is labeled with the name of the organization.
  3. We will read the name of the organization and the list of what they need to complete projects, get help, get volunteers, advice, or input.
  4. You are the “Lead Group” When you find a need that you can help with in any way or know of someone who may be interested– write on the back of the card how you can help or who you know that may have input for that group.
  5. We will then pick up the cards for that groups leads and go on to the next organizations lists. Our goal is to network for as many organizations/groups/individuals as we have time for.
  6. We also have cards to fill out at the end. If you know of an organization that can benefit from this exercise give us the lead and we will follow it up. Thanks
  7. The last request we will make is for ourselves and our businesses. If you would like to have us help you with what we do or know of someone who could benefit from our work, you know what to do. . .write their name and contact information on a card for our bag!
  8. When we finish our circuit, we will then deliver the bags of leads to the original organization.  

We learned this exercise at a conference called Pioneers for the Possible from Bob Proctor. “Pioneers” is a group of individuals who want to promote New Thought thinking around the world. 

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