Spider Bites and Willard Water

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Willard Water is safe, effective and economical for use on all surfaces (including human skin.) It has hundreds of uses and at one time, because of its popularity, came under the scrutiny of the FDA. During the legal processing resulting from this scrutiny, literally thousands of users came to testify of Willard Water’s effectiveness expounding on all of its different uses. The public demanded that the product stay available to them. Because the FDA could find nothing that seemed in the least damaging to the general public, it was allowed to stay on the market and is still in use today.

Willard water, Clear

Willard Water 8 or 16 oz.

I like it because my clients can usually get it at their local health food store or off the internet when I’m not available.

Willard Water, also known at Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) or Lignite Activated Water (LA) was invented and developed by Dr. John W. Willard, Sr., Professor Emeritus of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota in the early 1970’s. Willard Water is a more efficient form of water. Willard Water alters the molecular structure of liquid water, giving it special beneficial qualities which normalize cellular function.

Willard Water contains lignite coal mined out of South Dakota. This coal contains the atoms of plants that lived and flourished millions of years ago under extremely harsh conditions. The internal chemistry of these plants enabled them to survive under the extreme stress of this hostile environment. By using a patented process, Lignite-Activated Water is combined with the beneficial atoms of water to make a concentrated solution that acts as a conditioner and normalizer to cells and tissues. It can help assimilate nutrients more efficiently by increasing enzyme activity and strengthening the immune system. Willard Water is the only patented catalyst altered water available on the market today.

How is Willard Water used for insect bites? Dilute the Willard Water (I use the clear formula) as directed on the bottle using 1 ounce Willard Water concentrate per gallon of distilled water.

For spider bites: Use the diluted Willard Water to spray the spider bite area several times a day. You can also drink 4 ounces per day with your nutritional supplements as it makes the supplements work better and faster.

If the bite is a bad one where it has left a hole in the skin that has not healed (as often happens with Brown Recluse spider bites,) then mixing the diluted Willard Water together with a teaspoon of Slippery Elm Bark into a poultice and applying it daily to the wound–protected by a bandage, is the way to effectively treat the bite. I once treated a bite like this that had been an open wound for three years! It healed in about a month when all other medical methods had failed. I also use Biting Insect Allersode for some of these cases and that works quite well if there is not an open hole in the skin that won’t heal.

If the spider bite or bee sting just occurred, then you can spray some of the diluted Willard Water directly onto the bit every few minutes until the swelling and pain go away.

Willard Water is also quite effective for burns. Keep a spray bottle by your wood stove in the winter time in case you burn yourself putting logs on the fire.

Willard Water is also recommended for people with arthritis. In fact, this is why many of the people came to testify during Dr. Willard’s trial, because they had gotten help by drinking this substance on a daily basis. My clients usually test on only 4 ounces of the diluted Willard Water daily, and I have them take the water with their supplements.

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