Stella the Great Dane — Trusting the Process

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Testimonial for Dr. Denice MoffatAnd I count this one as a big win this year. A client of mine asked me if she could write a testimonial about a Great Dane named Stella that I was privileged to help (with the help of the Guides and Angels of course). It bothers people sometimes when I can’t come up with a diagnosis for their problems . . . just a healing. I’m glad this couple trusted enough to just follow the body’s lead and do the steps it took to get Stella well. I am both touched and honored by her words. . .

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am writing to share my story with you about how Dr. Moffat saved my puppy’s life. Her name is Stella, she is a beautiful, vibrant and affectionate Great Dane who is now two and a half years old. She fell ill approximately one year ago, primarily showing flu like symptoms alongside a major lack of strength. We took her to our vet, who diagnosed it as a bacterial infection, provided us with antibiotics, and sent us back home.

Once the antibiotics were used up, the symptoms very quickly returned, as well as a strange hacking cough. Upon further inspection, our vet was adamant that she was suffering from something called a pyometra, which essentially means a bacterial culture had gotten into her uterus, convincing her body of a false pregnancy and requiring immediate spaying or else she would surely die. The one thing that stood out to us, however, was that she wasn’t showing the primary symptom of this type of infection – looking like she was pregnant. When my partner and I questioned our vet about this, he quickly dismissed it, and encouraged us to stop reading all the “horror stories” about this issue, as it would just stress us out further. Our poor Stella was weak, stressed, tired, and not at all herself. We worried on a daily basis that her life would be ripped from her at too young an age.

After the surgery, she was put on a different antibiotic and, once again, upon completion she fell ill. This time, on top of her flu like symptoms, extreme weakness (to the point that she could barely carry her own weight), and hacking cough, she also demonstrated bell’s palsy on the right side of her face, cysts that grew in her tongue in a perfect, spaced out pattern, and intense shivering/convulsing. We went through periods where we had to tube feed her at home, preparing this mash of wet food and water and slowly putting into a tube through her nose so she would have enough strength to keep her heart beating. This roller coaster of trying different antibiotics and falling ill again upon their completion continued for months. It became a part of our daily routine to heavily medicate her up to four times a day, totalling in twelve pills and sometimes also Tylenol to relieve her of any extreme fever she may be dealing with.

Throughout this experience, we went to a total of five different vets, two specialists who were recommended as top in their field, and spent an upwards of $7,000. All of this and we still had literally no answers at all, though we were certain of the things she did not have.

I think the final push for us was the last round of testing we took Stella for, where our “expert” said, “Well, it looks like our only answer here is to pull a bone marrow sample and see what we get. I will warn you, however, that she is not at all an ideal candidate for this surgery, she will absolutely be in pain from it, and we will be testing for things like cancer, which we don’t think she has.” We walked out of her office immediately, said thank you but no thank you, and felt completely lost and saddened, and essentially prepared myself for saying goodbye to my best friend who had too short a time on this planet.

Then came along my co-worker and friend Sheralynn, who had mentioned Dr. Moffat to me and recommended her, as she had used her with her nine month old daughter ten years ago for an illness she too could not get an answer for. She swore by her, and said she worked and was so thankful for the change in quality of life for her daughter that not a day had passed where she wasn’t thankful she had called her. I did some research on her, and of course was sceptical, as was my partner. We are both science driven, like results that have sound explanations, and are something we can measure and fully understand. With that said, I also recognized that that wasn’t working for us, and what was the harm in trying? We had already spent over $7,000, what was the harm in spending significantly less than that, and perhaps getting some sort of answer, or, better yet, getting Stella back to full health?

So we called her, we had phone consultations with her, we strictly followed all the changes she prescribed for us (only filtered water, one cup of zucchini, asparagus and spinach sautéed in organic butter, no more chicken, fish, or anything outside of her Holistic Select dog food and whatever else she deemed necessary to her diet). She sent us drops that would heal the five different infections she claimed Stella to be suffering from, and finally, we could wean her off antibiotics after being on them for seven months straight.

We were so scared to take her off her medication because it was literally keeping her alive, but we followed instruction nevertheless, knowing that if any symptoms returned we would put her right back on them. We never had to, she got weaned off, and in place we were giving her healthy, completely organic drops that would not negate her liver or kidney function, and we were absolutely seeing results. Every day that passed we felt a little more confident in Dr. Moffat’s abilities that we could not completely understand, and we saw Stella returning to something we thought we had lost forever.

It has almost been a year since this whole thing started, and I can very confidently tell you that Dr Moffat saved our dog’s life. Though we do not fully understand how she taps into this energy field that every living thing contains, she was able to tell us exactly what was going on with Stella and provide a solution. She listened to us, was gentle and respected our apprehension. She was a strength we so badly needed, and we can never repay her for what she did for us.

If you are reading this, and are feeling apprehensive about her abilities, please do not. She has been doing this for years, and all I can say is the results are there! It doesn’t matter if you cannot understand how she works, just know that she has a gift we do not, and she is using it to help people like you and me. Thank you so much Dr. Moffat, you saved Stella’s life and our hearts from breaking in half.