Strangers Among Us

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Book by Ruth Montgomery © 1979 Book Review by Denice Moffat

Walk-in’s welcome!

It’s a phrase that always brings a smile to me because of my readings from the books of Ruth (Ruth Montgomery that is.)

Some famous walk-ins include Moses, Christ, Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and Gandhi. These were all enlightened beings that after many reincarnations attained sufficient awareness of the meaning of life to forego the time consuming process of birth and childhood. They returned directly to adult bodies.

The Characteristics of a Walk-in:

  • Walk-ins have deeper perceptions, clearer goals and love for all beings.
  • Often the muddled individual who vacated the body is replaced by one who intuitively knows how to solve the problems that blocked the other’s progress.
  • Walk-ins agree to complete tasks that the walk-out had undertaken but eventually they become more energetic, hopeful, dedicated and have a better attitude. Friends and relatives often notice this change.
  • They are irresistibly drawn to other walk-ins already at work raising the level of humanity.
  • Sickness, pain, depression, grief, war, divorce and distressing personal relationships are some reasons why a being decides to walk-out and exchange places with a walk-in.
  • Walk-ins are careful not to enter bodies where strong emotional ties to others are still present.
  • Walk-ins work in secrecy for the goodness of mankind.
  • They inspire others at a mental level to see inner awareness and to rely on their intuition
  • Walk-ins realize that there is no such thing as a “bad” experience, but only opportunities to learn and grow in inner understanding. Ruth’s guides say, “Our stumbling blocks are actually stepping stones.”
  • Walk-ins work everyday jobs as well as higher up jobs. Ruth believes that the president who is elected at the time the world has its upcoming Earth changes will be a walk-in and that even other countries rulers and presidents will look up to this person. (Denice’s note: I muscle-tested if any of the current presidential candidates were walk-ins. There are three.)
  • Walk-ins drop seeds of wisdom through casual remarks that are more apt to be heeded when coming from an equal than from a preacher or boss.
  • Walk-ins do not need ego trips. They come not as masters or authorities but as servants and workers whose task it is to help others discover truth for themselves.

How to Recognize a Walk-in:

There are several signs that this walk-in process has occurred. Some of these include:

  • A distinct alternation of personality and thought patterns
  • A traumatic experience or severe illness that has altered a person for the better
  • A willingness to help others burdens and quietly to counsel them without expecting personal reward
  • Walk-ins radiate quiet inner poise and a calm demeanor
  • An unwillingness to exchange harmful gossip about others
  • A willingness to give others credit for the ideas he has put in their mind
  • A soul who genuinely likes his fellow beings without establishing too close ties with any of them
  • A recent walk-in may change their career, hobbies, friends and reading materials all at once. It’s like they are a different person (and they are!)

How does one walk out (intentionally)? Ruth’s guides say that when one decides to make his/her body available for a more highly evolved entity, they should picture themselves floating off into space, envisioning another soul setting up housekeeping in the vacated body. Doing such visualization alerts those on the other side who wish to become walk-ins and will further one’s own awareness of the process.

Ruth writes that people from the other side project pictures or symbols into human vibrational waves of thought. The human then receives these thought forms as ideas and impressions believing them to be their own. I suppose this is why when someone invents something on one side of the world, another inventor is on that same time track and inventing it somewhere else in the world.

“Many walk-ins now occupy the war babies of the 1940s and 1950s who have reached adulthood and are overcrowding the work force. They are encouraging younger generations to return to natural ways of living which are more protective of the earth’s ecosystems” states Ruth.

Ruth is not the first author to write about walk-ins. Lubsang Rampa wrote The Rampa Story and Chapters of Life in the 1950s.

Are you a walk-in?


About Ruth Montgomery: Ruth Shick Montgomery (June 11, 1912 – June 10, 2001) was a nationally syndicated news columnist and best-selling author of several of my favorite books including: Born to Heal, A Search for the Truth, Companions Along the Way, A World Beyond, Aliens Among Us and others.

Ruth originally started out as a political journalist. She was known as a woman of unquestioned integrity who devoted her entire career to reporting facts—not fiction or fantasy. Her territory included the White House, Capitol Hill and national and foreign affairs. She spent 25 years covering news conferences of many presidents and their first ladies.

When her editor sent her to write a story about the paranormal she connected with several very famous, talented and gifted healers such as Jeane Dixon, Arthur Ford and Bill Gray (Born to Heal’s Mr. X) who opened her mind.  Her 1965 book, “A Gift of Prophecy,” about Jeane Dixon, sold more than 3 million copies and helped to build Dixon’s reputation as a soothsayer. For nine years before the book’s publication, Mrs. Montgomery wrote an annual column describing upcoming world events that Dixon saw in her crystal ball.

During her skeptical introduction of trying to debunk the paranormal Ruth sat down with a pen and paper one day and was amazed to find that she had been gifted with the talent of automatic writing. Many of Ruth’s books are transcriptions of what her guides wanted her to write about. Try as she may to avoid public ridicule, her guides kept at her until she finally published some of these books which won her a loyal following.

People wrote her from all over the world telling her of their own personal stories and giving her the strength she needed to keep writing about the paranormal. She answered these letters personally for many years.

Ruth Shick Montgomery passed peacefully at the age of 88 of emphysema June 10, 2001 at her home in Naples, Florida.

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