Sugar Substitutes-Suchero

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Suchero Products

Suchero Products


There’s a new sugar substitute on the market. Suchero. It’s made from coconut sap and is a low glycemic organic natural sweetener that has been minimally processed (not like the white form of Stevia or Just Like Sugar). Thought you’d all like to check into it since coconut stuff is big these days.

I emailed asking how it was processed and got this reply: “Suchero comes from the nutritious sap of organic Cocos nucifera trees. The sap, oyster white liquid, is collected and heated to let the water content evaporate until Suchero granules are formed.  The Suchero granules are further dried in convection ovens to achieve an equilibrium moisture level, then cooled and packed ready for shipment.  Our process is 100% natural and organic – no additives, no artificial flavoring, no coloring, no preservatives and no chemicals.  Suchero is unbleached, unfiltered and unrefined”.

Denice’s Note: Most blood types do not tolerate coconut products well because of the lectins within coconut. It either floculates or thickens the blood serum or accentuates the toxicity of other foods. (Reference: ).

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