The Butterfly Project

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The Butterfly Project 1

I first met Carole Peccorini at a Miracle Mastery Conference in January of 2006. She was selling these beautiful blue butterflies. I was really attracted to their beauty, but when she told her story, I was sold…

Carole Peccorini, a nurse from Sonoma, California, recently joined a MannaRelief team on a journey to distribute health-giving glyconutrients and vitamins to orphanages throughout Uganda. As gifts for the children, she tucked 1200 iridescent foil butterflies into her suitcase. In Uganda, she met the face of great need: 600,000 orphans. Many were suffering from HIV, AIDS and Malaria. For others, rebel strife had taken their parents.

From this experience arose The Butterfly Project. Carole has committed to send 10 orphans through college through the sale of these butterflies. Replicas of the Blue Morpho butterfly are giving wings to that dream.

The Butterfly Project 2

In addition, synchronistic events led her to the producer of The Blue Butterfly Movie. Together, they are teaming together to make Carole’s dream come true. Half of the profit from the sale of The Blue Butterfly Movies purchased off Carole’s site will ALSO go to the orphans’ college fund, so please support her in her passion.

The Film “The Blue Butterfly”

The Butterfly Project 3

Academy award winner, William Hurt, stars in this film based on the true story about a 10-year-old terminally ill boy whose last wish is to see and catch the Blue Morpho Butterfly in its native habitat. Renowned entomologist, Alan Osborne (played by Hurt), and the boy, embark on a trip to the Bribri villages in Costa Rica. This quest leads to a life-changing transformation for both. A soul-stirring film that teaches new ways to think and live. To read more:

She has also trusted me with a flock of butterflies which I will sell and donate all the money to her project because I love her passion and her cause.

Please visit HER website to purchase the movie as that is the only way she will get credit for her project.

The Butterfly Project 4

Here is Carole’s website: