The Poison Tree

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The Poison Tree . . .

Near a village there is a poison tree. The poison is very potent, and it deeply wounds the hearts and spirits of all who ingest it. One day, someone from the village discovers the tree and runs back to the village in great fear and agitation. “There’s a poison tree nearby! There’s a poison tree nearby! We must do something!”

The villagers hastily assemble to decide what to do about this dangerous enemy. Many argue loudly and urgently for the destruction of the tree — “It is a menace it must be completely destroyed!”

Some counsel restraint. “This tree is not ours to destroy. The Creator made it. We can put a fence around it, and warning signs, and no one will be harmed.”

The argument went on throughout the night. Everyone was exasperated and exhausted.

As everyone sat numb and bewildered in the first light of day, a stranger in strange garb walked into their midst. “I am a healer,” she said. I have heard you have a poison tree here. Wonderful! Just what I was looking for! I need this tree in order to make medicine which will cure a deadly disease.”

Author Unknown

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