The Secret

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(c) 2006 The movie called “The Secret” was advertised on the internet several months ago using tease advertising and viral marketing techniques. It has now been out about three months in DVD form.

The book “The Secret” was written by an Australian woman named Rhonda Byrne as she was working through the loss of her father. Her daughter gave her a copy of the book, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles which she found she could not put down. She researched on the internet and found that the principles of her book dated back to 3500 B.C.

Rhonda says, “The principle explains that we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts—which means our thoughts are the most powerful things we have here on earth.”

Rhonda defines The Secret as the law of attraction, which is the principle that “like attracts like.” Rhonda calls it “the most powerful law in the universe,” and says it is working all the time. “What we do is we attract into our lives the things we want, and that is based on what we’re thinking and feeling,” Rhonda says.

In the movie, several people share what their lives have become using the Law of Attraction principles. Michael and I knew of, or had been mentored by, several of the people in the movie either from seminars we had taken or books we had read.

One of my favorite mentors is Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith. If you ever have a chance to see this man in action, take it! Spirit moves through him as a direct channel of love. I was surprised to learn though from the Oprah Winfrey website that Michael was a drug dealer in college—until he was arrested in a deal gone bad. Michael shared that he had a spiritual awakening during his trial and decided to turn his life around. Today he leads the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, where he teaches thousands of faithful followers the path to reaching their highest potential.

Many people believe that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them, but if they really went inward and evaluated the thoughts they were thinking, they would find that they are actually thinking more negative thoughts than positive ones. I tell my clients that this process is like a teeter-totter. You have to distract yourself from thinking negative thoughts (when you are aware of them) and put the energy into thinking more positive thoughts which will eventually tip the scales to attract a better set of circumstances. We can accomplish this by reading books and listening to tapes that will improve how we see the world and ourselves, meditating, practicing gratefulness, prayer, watching uplifting movies and eliminating negative things in our life (like negative people, newspapers and T.V.) One of the most important things one can do is to love themselves. This really speeds up the process! You may think you are alone in not thinking highly of yourselves, but about 65% of my clients could use a little boost in the self-esteem arena.

Esther Hicks (  who channels a group of enlightened individuals who call themselves Abraham tells us, “If you feel happy, joyful, passionate, or otherwise positive, you’re successfully thinking about what you want.  If you feel fearful, depressed, angry, or otherwise negative, you’re thinking mainly about what you don’t want, so you’re using the law of attraction destructively.  Hence, at any given time, you can simply check your emotional state to determine whether or not you’re in or out of alignment.”

As Rev. Beckwith says, “People aren’t walking around thinking, ‘I want a bad thing to happen to me,’ but there’s an unconscious fear. There’s a doubt. There’s a worry. There’s a sense of separation there that’s running them,” Michael adds that spiritual growth is “allowing that which is unconscious to become conscious.”

Oh, what one can do when they finally connect with their life purpose?

Another mentor of ours has been the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. Jack says that everything you focus on can have an effect on your life. “The feelings we feel actually send out a wave into the universe, and anything that’s vibrating in a similar level gets attracted into our life,” Jack says.

“The Secret” is suitable for all ages and anyone with an open mind and is ideal for the beginning metaphysical student. Fans of the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know will undoubtedly find “The Secret” even more enjoyable because in comparison, the latter is more focused, concise, and thorough—and it has fewer scientific words!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I think there are going to be a lot of new students becoming ready out there in our universe with this movie. It’s a good thing.

The film doesn’t talk much about subconscious aspects such as hidden conflicting beliefs, suppressed fears, ethics, feelings of self-worth, or the concepts of value of service rendered, but this movie is a good teaser for all that. My recommendation would be to follow up with Esther Hicks book, The Law of Attraction or Ask and It is Given.

The Secret does introduce lots of good techniques for introducing a positive approach to one’s life that anyone can do including Vision Boards and many of the other techniques I feature in my Healing Techniques and Prosperity and Abundance sections of my website (Gee, I wonder where I gleaned those techniques from?)

What I’ve found in my practice is that the average person just does not realize that they can change their actions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and identity by just following some simple assumptions and redefining their set of beliefs.

Watch The Secret — it will help you understand just how important it is to keep your thoughts focused on what you want to attract. Ask for it in your local video stores. (They won’t have it, but maybe it will help to spread the word! You may have to order it online, but I hear that Barnes and Nobel are also carrying it now.)