The Times of Your Life

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The Times of Your Life . . .

By Dave Johnson, Royal Ambassador, Nikken Inc.

There are two times in a person’s life. The First is when everything is going wrong. When all our money is tied up. When confusion, debt, obligations, and uncertainty burden us so heavily that it is impossible for us to act quickly to take advantage of opportunities that are both profitable and necessary. This time is RIGHT NOW.

RIGHT NOW is never a good time to do anything. We have other hurdles to clear before we act.  RIGHT NOW we are involved in certain situations. We want to see how big our raise will be. We want to reduce our credit card balances.  We want to get over the hump. We certainly can’t do anything—RIGHT NOW.

The other time in our life is the time when everything is perfect. We have no money problems. We’ve cleared every possible hurdle; we’ll never have any problems ever again. We have complete control of every possible aspect of our lives and are ready to seize every opportunity to improve ourselves. That time is LATER.

LATER is a wonderful time. Everything will be ironed out LATER. All our confusion will magically disappear. We’ll have gobs of money and no other obligations. That’s when I will be ready and willing to act—LATER.

Unfortunately when most people need something they need it when?  RIGHT NOW.

But RIGHT NOW is not good so they put it off until LATER because LATER is better. They do this thinking that RIGHT NOW will eventually become LATER.

Sadly this is why poor people stay poor and why lazy people stay lazy because RIGHT NOW is never a good time. We hang all our hopes on LATER. Ask yourself, how many times you’ve put things off until LATER and how many times you have actually done it.  And then it becomes obvious that not now is just a convenient excuse not to act at all. When we say LATER, we really mean NEVER.

RIGHT NOW and LATER are two times you must treat delicately. We can convince ourselves that we have the discipline and maturity to act RIGHT NOW because we have a need RIGHT NOW.  Even though RIGHT NOW is not convenient. Or we can risk our health, our family, our belongings, and our home and hope that everything will be fine LATER and then LATER becomes yet another time in our lives– TOO LATE.

So don’t let it be too late. The time to act is now.

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