Avon, Idaho Busy Bees Club

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Avon Busy Bees:

The Avon Community Busy Bee Club began in the 1920’s and has consistently met one or more times each month up to present time. Some believe that the Busy Bees club is the oldest of its kind in Latah, County where we live.

The Avon Busy Bees club meets once a month either at their clubhouse or at individual member’s homes. New members are invited to join but members have to live within the confines of the old Avon mail route unless you’ve been a Bee and have had to move away in which case you become an honorary bee if you’re older or you pay your dues.

Our clubhouse is over 100 years old and used to be the Church of Rue. Being that ancient, it needs a lot of work which the bees and their husbands collectively due as the needs arise. It has no running water and so we use an outhouse. Volunteers are used to mow the lawn and take care of the surroundings.

The men are called drones which they put up with and laugh about at community functions such as the Valentine’s Dinner and the Christmas community potlucks. The children (baby drones?) dress up and flit around at the annual Deary Days and are invited to be in the parade.

Our function is to support our community, send cards of support, organize community potlucks and highway pickups and the club is in charge of the Avon Cemetery books.  In 2010 a party of Bees organized and started replacing and repairing the fence surrounding the Avon Cemetery.

Our next project for the old church is to remodel the kitchen in an Amish decor. We are choosing decor to fit the old schoolhouse/church as it does not have running water in the building.

About every year depending on our schedules we have one to two fundraisers to stoke the kitty for building repairs. Our last raffle was for a beautiful handmade quilt.

Here it is:

Avon Busy Bees  2009 Quilt Raffle

avon busy bees 2009 quilt

Avon Busy Bees Quilt Raffle 2009

John Carlson of Moscow, Idaho won the Quilt. His name was drawn at the Christmas party and the results of the draw were published in Latah Eagle. The quilt was delivered to John and his wife Lucy by President Sarah Stanton. Thanks to all who supported the Bees by purchasing a ticket.

Helpful Links & References for Avon Busy Bees:   https://users.moscow.com/mason/busybees/bbh.html