I’ve been guilty over my lifetime of “mindless giving”…giving money to organizations who just keep asking for more. I don’t think that’s the best use of my funds any longer. I believe in tithing time, talent, love and dollars to organizations that teach people how to fish, not just ask for more fish every chance they get. This section will expand with your help. 

Avon, Idaho Busy Bees Club: Every year the Avon Busy Bee club makes a quilt to raffle off to generate funds to maintain our 100 year old community center. Avon is a small off shoot of the town of Deary, Idaho. The Community Hall (also called the Rue church or the Bees Club house) is the oldest community building in Deary.

Pay It Forward Movement  If you haven’t seen the movie, Pay it Forward, please do. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen on doing Random Acts of Kindness. It started a whole movement. Is your passion surrounding the Pay it Forward Movement

Random Acts of Kindness: Reading the book Random Acts of Kindness gave me more ideas to expand on what I was already doing. I noticed that when I asked someone what act of kindness they received, often they did not even to compare to what I was doing. 

Share the Health: Often in a practice such as mine people get to me after they have expended all of their resources.  This is more common with cancer cases, special needs children, the chronically ill and wildlife and animal rescue.  We don’t have a 501C-3 but I do have a special slush fund for such cases and usually match funds with services.

SNAP Exercise Super-Networking Accelerates Potential (SNAP) Exercise. The Goal of the exercise: Making the world a better place to be now and for future generations by sharing our gifts. To tithe to the Universe the “music” of your Time, Talent, Love, or Treasures. 

The Butterfly Project  Carole, a nurse from Sonoma, California, recently joined a Manna Relief team on a journey to distribute health-giving vitamins to orphanages throughout Uganda. As gifts for the children, she tucked 1200 iridescent foil butterflies into her suitcase. In Uganda, she met the face of great need: 600,000 orphans. Many were suffering from HIV, AIDS and Malaria. For others, rebel strife had taken their parents. Send young African girls to college by purchasing a blue butterfly.The Butterfly Project 

The Heifer Project: Since 1944, Heifer International has provided food and income-producing animals and training to millions of resource-poor families in 115 countries. I’m a member of the Avon Busy Bees club and of course we donate several beehive (skeps) each year. 

Post Your Wants/Needs Here: A page dedicated to connecting people to resources. Have at it and while you’re at it if you know of anyone who is a left handed gardener who wears gardening gloves I’d like to connect with them for a glove exchange. Thanks. 

Your Favorite Causes  Do you know of other organizations that “teach people how to fish” instead of just asking for money over and over and coming up short every year? 

You have talents and passions. Use some of them to benefit the world!