To Vaccinate or Not

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To Vaccinate or Not—It’s Your Decision

By Dr. Denice Moffat

Should I vaccinate my child, and if so, with what?

Answer: After two decades of research, soul searching, and education with this most controversial issue, my answer has to be–Yes. . .You should vaccinate your child AND your pet for the most common diseases they will be exposed to in everyday life–but there is a limit.

Now, if I haven’t lost you permanently yet, let me explain…

Vaccines and vaccination:

How would you feel if you decided not to vaccinate your child and he/she came down with polio? I have several clients with Post Polio Syndrome, and let me tell you, their life is constant and unending pain. Granted, you may have a bank account large enough to overcome a case of Parvo in your puppy (if it survives,) but is it worth it for the puppy to have to go through that? Or Feline Leukemia in your cat? Vaccines are cheap and effective insurance for these deadly and debilitating diseases.

“Well,” I hear you commenting already, “what about all those side effects, governmental conspiracies to give whole populations AIDS, vaccine-induced autism and mercury toxicity I read about caused specifically by the vaccines?”

Many studies on the other side of pro-vaccinating show conclusively that more people die when they are NOT given the vaccines than are affected adversely when given vaccines.

“But, what it if were YOUR child that ended up with autism?” You counter.

Center for Disease Control Recommended Childhood Vaccination Schedule

Ages Birth – 24 Months

2 mos 4 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 15 mos 18 mos 24 mos
Hep B birth/X X
Rotateq X X X
Hib X X X X
Prevnar X X X X
Varivax X
Hep A X X

Ages 4-11 Years

5 yrs 12 Yrs
DTap X
Varivax X
TdaP X
Gardasil (HPV) X
Meningococcal X


This is how I handle vaccines and vaccinations in my practice. . .

I carry a homeopathic nosode that removes all the negative elements of the vaccine like adjuvants and thimerisole (the mercury used as the preservative.) It is a drop that the individual takes two weeks before and up to two weeks after the vaccine to alleviate the side effects of the vaccines.  The nosodes I carry are Human Vaccinosis Nosode, Traveler’s Immunization Nosode Drops, Pet Vaccinosis Nosode, and I even have them for horses, cows, sheep and goats.  Easy, effective, cheap and safe.

I suspect the Pet Vaccinosis Nosode may have some crossover benefits to this human corona thing as it has both vaccines that immunize the dog and the cat against corona viruses. When I was in high school we had the initial Parvo outbreaks in dogs. We ran out of vaccines early into the pandemic so the vets actually used the Feline Distemper vaccine in hopes that there would be some cross protection and I do believe they were seeing some results with that.

Nosodes can also be used AS VACCINES, but knowing society’s busy schedule and the percentages of people that boost their pets at the appropriate time, I would not advise it. It does not seem like a viable solution at this time to dose yourselves, your children, or your pets on a never-fail weekly time schedule. One of my friends, Jessica Lynn at does carry vaccine nosodes and has a lot of knowledge on how to use them.

There are also laboratory titer tests currently available to test the strength of the immune system and how effective it is working from the previous vaccines or from being exposed to the diseases we are currently vaccinating for.  If the immune system is strong, it does not need a booster. How much does this cost? I don’t know. You will have to ask your practitioner/doctor. For humans, it may be covered by insurance. Dr. Jean Dobbs has been intensely studying titer tests in small animals for over 2 decades.

So why would one person/animal come down with a disease while the others in the family/litter do not?  

Immunity is influenced by a variety of factors.

Each of us is unique in our ability to fend off disease. Our genes may be strong or weak depending on the combination of our father’s and mother’s influence. Other influences include environmental stress (food, temperature, emotions,) our diets (sugar will temporarily suppress the immune system for several hours after consumption,) our body’s alkalinity (influenced by our diet and the amounts of raw fruits/vegetables/grass we eat,) and the virulence of the pathogen (virus or bacteria).

The more virulent, the more threatening to our body.  Amount of exposure also influences the virulence. For example, how often do we wash our hands and touch our faces? Did someone sneeze in our face? Did we take an airplane trip and get exposed to all kinds of other things at the same time so that our immune system is going crazy just trying to keep up? Have we taken our supplements? Immune boosters? Have we had enough sleep? How is our attitude? All these things can affect how severely we will be affected and the strength of our immune system.

The ultimate decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is up to you. Just know that there is a lot of propaganda out there and that the truth lies somewhere in between. I would never place judgment either way on your decision. However, I do feel it’s my job to educate you as much as I know how to, because there are some options to make the vaccine experience safer.

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