Tonya Somers Psychic Clairvoyant

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An Interview with the Amazing Tonya Somers, Psychic Clairvoyant

Tonya Somers

Tonya Somers, Psychic Clairvoyant

This month, because some of my clients use psychics, I interviewed Lydia Hiby’s favorite psychic, Tonya Somers. My questions are in bold. Tonya’s contact information is at the bottom of the interview. Happy reading!

Tonya Somers Background 

Tonya Somers, a natural psychic, owns Psychic Answers by Tonya and More Than Gems and has been a psychic for over 40 years. She has done readings for over 40,000 people all over the world and works only on the telephone. She has been doing psychic readings since she was 4 yrs. old not always knowing what she was getting of course, but she could tell people not go down that road or stay away from that person.

She was always the closest to her grandmother, she was her everything, when she was sick and laying on the floor of her apartment for three days I could not get anyone to let me inside, I knew she had a stroke of some kind.

When they finally opened the door she was there on the floor like I said & she lived another 15 years, after some surgeries. When she did die, we had agreed my sister that was never close to her would take the ashes and lay them in the waters of Hawaii. That whole week she would appear at the end of Tonya’s bed and say I am not all the way released please help me, this went on for a week.

When my sister came back she told no-one that she had kept some of her ashes and was not going to tell anyone….well that was upsetting my grandmother because she was an alcoholic and too attached to her unhealthy body….I called the sister when she got back from the trip & she actually told the truth for once, she did keep a baggie in a jar for herself to keep. That night we all met at the beach and dropped the rest of her ashes in the water, there was an immediate release she was free!

Tonya Somers has three sisters but none of them inherited the psychic gift that she, her grandma, mom and daughter Tasha have. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and life coach.

Have you always had the “gift” Tonya?

Tonya Somers: Yes, I was born naturally clairvoyant. I’ve always finished people’s sentences, knew what was in the mail, who was on the phone and when there would be an earth disaster.

You engage quite a few healing modalities in your work Tonya including charged gems, aura healing, chakra balancing, mediumship, numerology and animals totems. What do you like working with best?

Tonya Somers: Honestly, they are all the same—just tools that I use my clairvoyant abilities through. I am the one that has the energy. I really do not have a favorite, although I really like helping woman get rid of controlling men.

Are there certain questions people ask that you routinely get really good information about when it comes to past lives?

Tonya Somers: Everyone is different and all their past lives are different—most of them are pretty normal, but I tend to use the past life information I get to find out why someone is afraid of water or bridges or commitment or why a person attracts anger into their lives.

So, you had your own radio show? That’s really exhausting! At least it was for me.

Tonya Somers: Truly? Doing readings on the show for over three years was my favorite way of doing readings, and it was the most fun I ever had doing readings.

Do you work with police at all to help solve crimes? No, too many of my friends have actually been killed that way. Yikes, sounds like some interesting reading someday when you write a book Tonya!

Do you feel different symptoms for different natural disasters? For example I feel highly irritated and anxious 2-3 days before a big earthquake as do many of my clients.

Tonya Somers: Yes, I have massive headaches before a tsunami or tidal wave, I’m anxious but more sick to my stomach and I won’t leave the house for anything for like three days just before a big earthquake.

Can you physically tell when mercury is in retrograde or there’s a full moon? Certain groups of people and pets are really affected by this. As a matter of fact, as a veterinarian whenever I had the choice, I would never do elective surgery on a full moon. Too much bleeding.

Tonya Somers: Yes, mercury retrograde will always bring earthquakes when it is associated with a new or full moon. I have all these dates (past and present) listed and a description of what Mercury Retrograde is on my website:

How do you start your readings Tonya?

Tonya Somers: I tune into you for 30 minutes before you call. I start the call by asking you your birthdate, name, brief description, and some other minor facts. Once you ask that first question, I tune into you and your spirit guides and relate the psychic information from the other side. For the best reading, you should prepare beforehand by lighting a candle or some incense and being in a relaxed and peaceful place.

Do you have certain cases you feel better handling than others?

Tonya Somers: I can work with anyone as long as they are open-minded. I do not work with people that are closed off—those readings I turn down. I can tell within two sentences if we can work together or not.”

How did you and Lydia Hiby meet?

Tonya Somers: We have been friends for about 20 years and were introduced by a mutual friend. We just instantly knew we could trust each other.

How did you figure out you could charge crystals?

Tonya Somers: Most people know you can charge a crystal…..but I have 40 years of practice and I can make the energy that I wish each crystal to hold—like if someone wants to attract love, I use pink.

What did you look for in finding your line of crystals and gem jewelry?

Tonya Somers: I use gems, not crystals so people can wear them everyday—so that they look like something pretty and normal. Many crystal jewels are just ugly or too metaphysical looking to wear to a normal job every day, so I use jewelry. I energetically clean the crystals myself before charging them with energy.

Do you recommend people get their birth month crystal or one they feel drawn to when a gemstone is chosen to charge up for your monthly program?

Tonya Somers: Usually it is what they are drawn to or they may read what a crystal does in the pages on my website before purchasing a certain piece.

What are your hours and how come you work so late?

Tonya Somers: My hours are 4pm to 2am so that I can accommodate all my clients around the world. Are you normally such a night owl? Yes, I have been a night owl since I was born. So is my daughter.

Tonya’s contact information:

Tonya Somers Contact Information: or . You can reach her by phone at (971) 864-6987. Her email address is  Her rates: