The Touch of Healing Book Summary

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The Touch of Healing: Energizing Body, Mind, and Spirit with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu


The Touch of Healing- Jin Shin Jyutsu

Book by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte © 1997

Book Review/Summary by Dr. Denice Moffat

Many years back when I first started reading books about healers and healing techniques I ran across an excellent book, Born to Heal © 1973, about a man Ruth Montgomery called Mr. A. He preferred to be called Mr. A because he was 77 years old at the time the book was written and he didn’t have room in his schedule for any more clients. Ruth became quite taken with this miracle healer as he placed his very hot hands on different parts of the body charging energy into areas. He talked about his body being the battery and his hands being the jumper cables. His patients recovered from every health concern you can imagine with just a few “chargings”.

Well, I was hooked, but what was this technique? I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to figure it out. I’ve taken many classes on energy medicine and have achieved a certain degree of expertise in some but I never ran across this particular technique until a few weeks ago. I finally figured it out. It’s call Jin Shin Jyutsu. One of my clients was taking the class. I asked her if there was a book on the subject. “Yes, it’s called The Touch of Healing: Energizing Body, Mind, and Spirit with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte.”

I went on line as soon as we hung up and ordered a copy.

Yep, this is the technique. They use some unique terminology I had not heard used with any other technique. There was the battery and jumper cable description.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese practice that balances your body’s energy by using the fingers and hands. The technique was lost for centuries until a sage named Jiro Maurai came along. He noticed that subjects within spiritual and devotional paintings placed their fingers and hands in certain positions. He dedicated his career to figuring out what these hand positions meant. His research ultimately revealed that each one of our fingers affects 14,400 functions within the body. Near the end of his life he feared that his work would again be lost for centuries until he met a woman from America, Mary Burmeister, who he felt would carry his work on. Mary brought the technique to the United States around the 1940s.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is used to eliminate stress, create emotional equilibrium, relieve pain and alleviate acute or chronic conditions. The technique involves learning 12 Organ Flows, 6 Depths associated with dimensions of being, 3 Trinity Flows, and 26 Energy Locks. The book describes how the organs flow with energy, includes daily sequences to practice and delves into basic first aid and on-the-spot healing with Yin Shin Jyutsu.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a simple technique that anyone can do at home by merely touching certain parts of the body (your own or someone else’s) using the hands and tips of the fingers. The body collects energy from the ethers (God) and transfers that energy through the body (the battery) and out the hands (jumper cables) to recharge and balance out these points. Contact is made until pulses, buzzing, heat, or cold balances out between the two points being held before moving on to the next set of points.

The Touch of Healing is clearly written and is filled with easy-to-understand drawings and explanations as to how and where to place your fingers and hands on the body. What I loved most about the book is that it teaches a technique and then follows it with a story of healing having to do with that one hand placement. It makes for interesting reading. I will say that the index of this book is a bit lacking. I hate that. Oh well.

I suspect this technique was taught to the soldiers on the battle field in World War II. I remember another audio reference that sounds like this technique described by Dr. John Upledger (developer of the Cranio-Sacral Technique). In the program (Energy Medicine a 6-tape series by Sounds True,) Dr. Upledger shared that medics in the war were given a tiny little book of acupressure points/holds or something like that to use on soldiers who had been hurt in the field. These techniques were to be used for pain control when they could not transport the soldier back to the base for medical care. It sounds logical to me that this little book contained the ancient wisdom talked about in the other two sources.

The Touch of Healing describes dozens of exercises for specific ailments and general well-being including techniques for balancing cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, allergies, back tension, menstrual pain, depression, stress relief, constipation, hiccups, muscle cramps, headaches and even what to do when you are stung by a jellyfish. What attracts me most though is that this technique can be used for chronic pain.  It’s something that people in pain can do when the medical system fails them. We need more of these techniques.

I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube since reading the book and it seems very do-able and easy and doesn’t take that much time. Check out the book and watch some videos and let me know how it goes for you. Once you google the key words and watch a video, other links will pop up on how the technique is done at home. I’ve listed below the ones I’ve explored so far.

Right now I’m working with the energies on clients by muscle testing which techniques in the book to use and then I determine for how long to use it. I sometimes will invoke the Law of Similars (from long distance Reiki treatment techniques) and work on the photo clients have sent me. Kind of exciting. We’ll have to see where it leads.

If you’re interested in this type of technique you can contact a practitioner who does it over the phone. She has great results doing Jin Shin Jyutsu this way. Her name is Sherri Stockman or contact her at: 830-515-5137

Raquel Bravo in Boise, ID has a physical practice that I hear is really good.

Helpful Links and References for Jin Shin Jyutsu: