Vertigo-What is causing it?

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Ask Dr. Moffat:

Hi, Denice…I forgot to mention that since my surgery, and also several other times during the year…perhaps during allergy times, but sporadic, so I haven’t seen a correlation to anything specific yet, I have been experiencing strong vertigo…when I lay down at night, and of course get up in the morning, and/or when I turn my head quickly one way or the other when laying down. Also, if I put my head down low from a standing position, of course, ie. to brush a horse or put a pot in a cupboard, tie shoes, etc. It has been especially strong since my knee surgery. At first my husband thought it may be residue from the anesthesia.

Anyway, it is very annoying…any ideas on that? Is there something I can do about it? I feel like I’m drinking plenty of fluids. I don’t have any cold/sinus symptoms, just occasional allergy symptoms, I’m guessing mostly from molds. We had LOTS of rain during my surgery so that may have activated something… Bonnie

Dear Bonnie. It’s interesting to note that many of my clients are having the similar issues right now and have been for several months—so much so that I’ve created a handout on this. I think you may find it interesting. Sending the link:

But, asking your guides and mine and testing from the list of core causes, you’re testing you have:

  • 40% viral issue,
  • 40% vein issues, and
  • 60% subluxation issues

I know this adds up to over 100% but I think the subluxation is affecting the veins and so is the virus. You’ve recently had your To Do List updated so that should help with the immune issues (virus and allergy) but I think you should go see a chiropractor (or Bowen therapist) for the neck issue. That should help your memory and brain function as well (which we’ve addressed in the past) along with any extra tiredness you’re experiencing right now too.  Denice