Vision Boards

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How to Build Vision Boards:

Michael and I call them Vision Boards, but other people use different names such as: Treasure Mapping, Prosperity Wheels, Magnetic Creation Maps, Dream Boards, Story Boards, Wheels of Fortune and Life Cycle Charts. This technique is one of the most powerful tools I know of for manifesting your desires.

I was first introduced to Vision Boards while at my first “Heal the Healers” Neuro Emotional Technique seminar ( in Sedona, Arizona. Each participant was asked to bring several magazines with pictures in them to the seminar. There must have been several hundred glitzy magazines there. We each were given a white poster board and asked to cut pictures and phrases out that we wanted to attract in our lives. We were given three hours to complete our boards. The boards were then set around the room on chairs and we traveled around the room in a circle looking at what each person wanted to create.

Some of the vision boards were packed with no white areas showing. I remember one board with only one thing on it; A picture of the world and the word PEACE underneath it. I recognized the builder of the vision board. He had come to the seminar with a very pointed and focused mission—and to do whatever he could to overcome that challenge. I learned from that experience. He is the reason why I focus on one aspect of my personality or one fear each year doing everything in my power to better it or overcome the challenge.

The next time we were exposed to vision boards was in Nikken’s Humans Being More Silver Training. This organization called it a Life Cycle Chart.  It was only when I took my chart home from this training and compared it with the previous chart that I realized I had already manifested most of what was on that original chart!

I share a story about these vision boards often when I have a client whose life and loneliness seem overwhelming to them. It goes like this:

Sonja Choquette, in her book, Your Psychic Pathway tells her story about her vision boards and how she manifested the man of her dreams instead of focusing on the fact that she did not have a date for her senior prom. Each day she would come home from school, look through magazines and cut pictures out in an attempt to build the “man of her dreams”. She cut out pictures of sideburns, blue eyes, blond hair, and a man who was taller than she was (she was 6’2”). She even dressed the picture in the types of clothing she wanted him to wear.

The day before the prom came, and she had not manifested this man. Instead, her friend had leaked this personal information about her vision boards to a couple other girls who had disseminated it throughout the entire school. Sonja was a laughing stock! Everyone had a date except her. She was so depressed, she took her entire paycheck for the month and dejectedly headed toward the only store she thought would raise her spirits—a shoe store. As she approached the display window outside the store, she saw a beautiful 6-inch pair of red sequined, platform shoes, which she felt were perfect for her. She went inside to try them on. The salesperson was putting the shoe on her foot attentively, and then hesitated. “I said to myself that the first person to ask to try this pair of shoes on, I would ask out on a date.” Sonja looked down at the attendant and saw the exact man she had built on her Vision Boards.

Vision boards can be used to manifest material things, money, the perfect job, the perfect relationship, cars, attitudes, travel, and much more.

We have our vision boards posted in several rooms around the house. Because we have already manifested about 80% of all the pictures placed on our vision boards we now have a new set of them which we are developing for our future dreams.

We are always creating whether we are aware of it or not. Each thought we have is a creation which vibrates when we send it out. The Universe immediately responds by sending back experiences that vibrate at that same vibrational energy or cycle that we send out. By becoming more conscious and aware of what we are thinking we are in much more control of what we attract. The trick is to distract ourselves from negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts of joy, love and allowing of our greatest good.

Your subconscious communicates to you in pictures and symbols all of the time, mainly through your dreams. If you are not confident enough to be able to visualize and imagine what you want, why not communicate directly to your subconscious through pictures?

Whatever the mind is taught to expect–it will build, produce, and bring forth for you.

One of my favorite prosperity authors, Catherine Ponder, calls these vision boards Wheels of Fortune. It is through her works that I have found the most enlightening tips and tricks for building vision boards.

The reason I’m focused on this topic at this time is because a movie called The Secret has made its way around the Universe. As a matter of fact, Oprah Winfrey featured The Secret on her television show twice. In that movie, Jon Assaraf discusses how he manifested the exact house he had placed on one of his vision boards several years ago.

His son was asking what these vision boards were when he found Joe’s vision boards in a box they were unpacking when they moved into their new house. Without realizing how powerful they really were, he picked up one of his vision boards and to explain the process, looked down and a tear came to his eye as he realized the house they were just moving into (which was a huge mansion) was the exact house he had cut out to put on that particular board several years back.

So build some Vision Boards!  Here’s how to do it:

Suggestions for Building Vision Boards

(Paraphrased from the book, Open Your Mind to Prosperity by Catherine Ponder)

Make sure the pictures you place on your vision boards are exactly what you want to see manifest in your life.  One of my boards needed a few plants to accent green in the picture, so I cut out several pictures of hostas (since they were in the magazine I was holding at the time). Now, I like hostas, but I also love lots of other plants. When we moved to our home in Moscow (which we also manifested) you can imagine what came up in the spring. . .hostas everywhere! I’ve divided them several times and have given away just as many. They are simply beautiful, but I’m a bit more particular with the pictures I place on the boards now. I’m putting begonias in my next boards! And Batik irises.

Oh! Never mind. Manifested them.

Oh! Never mind. Manifested them.

Use colored pictures on your vision boards instead of black and white for faster results. Search through magazines, brochures and ads and look for pictures, specifically color pictures, of what you desire. Cut them out and paste or tape them to your vision boards.

Divide the vision boards up into areas of finance, job, home & family, friendships, recreation, education, society/volunteer/tithe, special needs, travel, career, body & health, etc. Cut the poster board(s) into large circles, make several boards for various phases of your life, or just use one vision board and divide into pie pieces—one for each segment of your desires.

Use big, colorful poster boards to achieve big, colorful results. Small crowded drab boards lead to small, crowded, drab results. The sky is the limit. Do not hold yourself back from placing a picture in your board you have NO idea of how you will manifest. Your job is to focus on desire, and joy. The Universe hears that and brings the desire into alignment with All That Is.

Use appropriate colors to impress the subconscious mind more effectively and efficiently for your vision boards. For example, use:

  • Green or gold for finances, fortune, job, career and money
  • Yellow or white for spiritual understanding
  • Blue for intellectual accomplishments, book writing, degrees, schooling
  • Orange or bright yellow for health, energy, and vitality
  • Pink, rose, or warm red for love, harmony, marriage, and happiness in human relationships, family, home

Color is vibration and energy. What we are doing is working and playing with energy, so choose whatever colors you personally resonate to for what you want to achieve.

Place a spiritual symbol in the center of the vision boards to give your desires spiritual protection. Using something to symbolize Mother/ Father God is a good idea because this is where our good comes from. It opens the door for what you have pictures of or for something better to come to you. Examples would be pictures of Jesus, the Bible or Torah, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, personal totems, a picture of praying hands or spirit guides or a copy of the Lord’s Prayer. One of my boards even has a psychically charged Blue Dot I cut out from the National Enquirer.

Under this center picture write words such as:

“I now choose to be open, receptive, and obedient to divine instruction and guidance.”

“The divine plan of my life now takes shape in definitive experiences, leading me to continually higher levels of health, happiness, success, and prosperity.”

You may also want to place a picture of yourself on each of the vision boards you build so that your subconscious can see you associated with the pictures you wish to materialize. However, your subconscious will get the message very clearly with or without your picture.

Need some ideas as to what to put on your vision boards? Well, what’s your calling? What makes your heart sing? When you focus on these areas, your joyful energy increases and this benefits everyone. This quickens the manifestation process. When we do what we love the prosperity follows, so take charge of your schedule and spend more time on projects and activities close to your heart. Make choices that honor your priorities and support your life’s mission.

Along with pictures, write affirmations under the pictures. If you don’t know of any, cut out words and phrases from newspapers and magazines to create your affirmations or browse through my sections on affirmations and choose one or modify one to your liking.

Here are some examples from Catherine’s book that I particularly love:

  • “Divine Intelligence knows where my perfect job is for me and by focusing on the kind of work I desire, Divine guidance is bringing me my perfect job for the pay I want.  The Divine plan for my life is manifesting now in my every experience for manifesting my desired job.”
  • “I now choose to be activated by divine love and guided by divine power in my work, which I perform in a perfect way for perfect pay.”
  • “I am now ready to be divinely guided to ______________________ (the right job, school, investments, etc.)”
  • “I am now ready to attract the information and support needed to establish and maintain divine order in all my financial affairs.”
  • “Divine intelligence guides the right buyer to this property.  Everyone concerned is blessed by an orderly exchange of values.”
  • “Divine intelligence knows our need, knows where the right house is and knows how to manifest it for us at the right time.”
  • “I give thanks for this divinely orchestrated vacation.  I am now ready for it to come into being in just the perfect way at just the right time for me and all concerned.”

If these are too wordy then make up affirmations for yourself in the way that works for you. You can cut out words and phrases from newspapers and magazines to create your affirmations.

Do not share your vision boards with anyone that will try to talk you out of the things you want. Catherine Ponder says, “What is Sacred, is Secret”.  I’m sharing my older vision boards with you so that you can see examples of them since I’ve already manifested most of what is on them already.

vision boards

Vision Boards Photo (That’s my foot. Ooops.)

Contemplate your vision boards every day, preferably just before sleeping and just upon arising. The more you view the pictured desires, the faster they will come. You can also, have the picture reduced and carry a copy around with you so that you can view it several times each day.

Examples of Some Cautions when building Vision Boards:

A woman wanted a child but she forgot to put a picture of a man on her treasure map, only a picture of a woman with a baby. Guess what happened! She ended up as a single mother! So watch what you put on your treasure map.

For your Romance Vision Boards, cut out picture of hearts, couples, wedding gowns or items you want at your ceremony, where you want to honeymoon, build your perfect partner and remember to include those morals and values and hobbies that you want to share with each other. Focus only on the positive aspects. Be very specific and continue to seek clarity on your desires. For example, if religion means a lot to you, put a picture of that on your romance board. And, speaking from experience? Don’t settle for less than you desire. If YOU are holding yourself back from having the most fantastic life possible, then work on yourself and your self worth. Would you like to work on this as a couple? Then put that on the vision board.

For your Business/Finance Vision Boards: For your financial poster, use pictures of money in addition to the things your want your money to buy. Play money is fine, but make sure there is LOTS of it if you want big results. You may want to cut out pictures of money in the denominations you want and place them on your wheel. I once cut out a picture of collectable coins to represent my fortune. Well, one birthday I received those collectable coins as a gift. They were packaged almost exactly as the picture on my vision board portrayed. I now have pictures of STACKS of bills, nest eggs, gems, jewelry, gold and silver bullion and have both real and play money on the board.

If your treasure map doesn’t produce what you want right away just remind yourself that you’ve been thinking in different ways for a long time and it takes our minds time to learn and absorb new thinking patterns.

Want to make things happen faster? Follow Catherine’s four steps which include attending to the Psychological, the Emotional (Cleansing), the Creative (Mental) and the Advance (Tithing).

The Psychological: Realize it is your right to prosper as you are a child of God, a child of fortune. It does the world no good for you to be a burden to it. You were meant to thrive and all the riches you’ve ever dreamed for but never got are out there in the Universe collecting interest and waiting for you to withdraw them, so GO FOR IT!

Emotional Cleansing means eliminating that which you do not need. This is an ongoing process.  We have so much to receive that we constantly have to prune in order to make way for our greater good.  Once we have let go of our all negative “stuff,” we create a vacuum for good to come in. Eventually we work on replacing the less than perfect with the more perfect thoughts, actions and material things.  So clean house inside your head and your physical space by releasing that which no longer serves you. This means forgiving yourself and others around you for things you are holding onto.

Mental: Once you have begun this process, the next step is to create your prosperity mentally. Begin by writing what you want out on paper and by making vision boards. Meditate on these daily. Involve all your senses. See, hear, taste, feel and smell what it will be like to live your desires as the vibrations of your thoughts will attract your desires to you more quickly.

Now declare your desires to be so by speaking them out loud. Speaking your desires out loud can speed up the process by 85%. There is magic in the spoken word.  Make sure you speak your affirmations for five minutes daily. Along with speaking out your desires, you can create them mentally by picturing them as already completed.  This idea goes along with making vision boards.

The Advance (Tithing): The word ten means tithe. Giving systematically opens the way to systematic receiving. Tithing, giving, and sharing are always the first steps to permanent, enduring financial increase. Tithe ALL channels of your energy including time, talent, love and dollars. Be particular to what you tithe to. Where you give your money is where you give your faith.

I remember several years ago getting inspired by a mentor. She changed my life—permanently, and for the better. But, where did I place my dollars? Not to her. Instead, I gave to a local church who I thought needed the money more than she did. Now that I look back, I could just kick myself for not placing my dollars where I received my most growth from. Catherine Ponder’s book has really taught me a lot about the importance of this step in the prosperity process.

So declare your prosperity and watch for miracles to happen! Don’t forget to email me your testimonials of the process and results of your vision boards. I’ll include them in this document under Other Stories on Vision Boards!

Other Vision Board Stories:

One woman wanted to go on a vacation but she had to take care of her sick mother. She made a vision board about a vacation.  She was able to take her mother to Florida and was actually offered to stay at a friend’s house on the beach free of charge – at the height of the winter season.  Her mother was able to stay warm, which helped her health improve.

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