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Garden Gloves: Right-handed gardener seeks left-handed gardener who wears out the left hand before the right glove wears out for a glove exchange. Contact: drmoffat@NaturalHealthTechniques.com Posted 5/29/06 and not finding anyone yet as of 7/2/14! Doesn’t anyone out there use gloves? I’ve now turned them into artwork!

Still looking for left-handed gardeners!

Still looking for left-handed gardeners!

Gloves on arbor 7-2-14












Posted 8/4/09: Good Afternoon Dr. Moffat. I want and I am in need of finding someone to help me purchase a home. I am familiar with the Habitat for Humanity and how it works. But I am looking for other avenues that can help me. I am a single mother of 2. Here is the kicker My 1st born is 21 and is on his own. However I also have a 21 month old  .. Gasp!!  I love her unconditionally and wouldn’t take anything for my little girl. However I am unable to get assistance from the state. I make to much money (so they say) to receive any type of housing assistance.  However I don’t make enough to survive or have any extra money to put towards a home. I have tried looking at lease homes with an option to buy, However those homes require a large deposit and most of the time the rent that you pay is really high. I am looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath. In the Raleigh N.C area or any surrounding area. I am divorced and alone in my journey. If there is anyone that can assist me in any way such as finding a home or a program it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless. Please contact: Charlotte Samour at Charlotte.Samour@ceridian.com

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