Water Analysis

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Water Analysis of Public water sources –

Contrary to popular belief; our public water treatment facilities were not designed to “purify” our water. In reality, the best they can do is control and reduce contaminants. Public water treatment today is essentially the same as it has been for more than 100 years. Water is treated (most often filtered) to remove the larger particles (sediment) and then chlorine is added to kill many of the bacteria. Most municipal treatment systems do NOT remove man-made chemicals! My point here is simply this; we do not receive and cannot expect completely safe, healthy water from public systems. This is not meant as a criticism of public water agencies. For the most part; they do their level best for us.

Consumer Confidence Report – Rather than having your city water tested; you may procure a copy of your city’s annual water quality report, also called a Consumer Confidence Report. Water quality reports for many cities are available online. Simply type the name of your city or community and Water Quality Report in the Google search box. Some of you will need to make a physical appearance and request at your City Clerk’s Office to receive this report. *Be sure to ask for the most recent and most complete report! **While you are there; be sure to ask any questions you have about the quality of your water.

Water Analysis of Private Water Sources (Wells, etc.) –

If your water comes from a well, a spring, a creek, river, reservoir, etc. I recommend you have your water analyzed by a professional testing laboratory. If there isn’t a professional laboratory nearby; your local Health Department may guide you to the laboratory they use. If professional laboratory water analysis is not available in your local area many laboratories accept water samples by mail. *I recommend Anatek Labs, Inc. https://www.anateklabs.com/ 208-883-2839. The laboratory you choose will provide water sampling bottles and instructions. I encourage you to have the full Private Water Source Panel of tests performed… as well as, tests for unusual contaminants known to be present in your general area.