Which Supps. Are Best for Me?

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Often in my practice, people will email me or call to ask me what the best foods, herbs or over-the-counter supplements are the best sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants or whatever nutrient they think they need for some particular disease.

Now, the brands I know that are of high-quality (for the United States at least–sorry, but I’m not that well-traveled) are in no particular order:

Professional Complementary Health Formulations, Standard Process Labs, Starwest Botanicals, Phytopharmica, Solaray, Source Naturals, Planetary Formulations, Metagenics, Biotics, NutriWest, Ecological Formulations, Medi-Herb, Nature’s Way, Nature’s Sunshine, Pure Encapsulations, TwinLab, Bach Flower Essences, Two Raven’s Herbals (a home company), Nikken magnetics stuff, and Jarrow. 

I know these products are pure, made of good-quality ingredients, which are not filled with contaminants and fillers.

People who call or email naturally want to know if I can just tell them quickly (without an exam or any type of detailed history) what the best products are for them for a certain disease. And I really WANT to help them, and would if I felt it would work for them and I could be accurate while at the same time be an ambassador for natural health that I feel every practitioner with advanced knowledge should try to be. I also only do 4 appointments per day, so if I spend my entire day attending to those who don’t have an appointment, I naturally don’t get my work done, pay my bills, maintain a balance in my life, or move forward with all the projects I have that help the world.

I really can’t tell you which products are best for you without evaluating YOU and what genetic predispositions you have, what kind of a diet you are attracted to, what stressors you have in your life, what dis-eases you are trying to overcome–and the list goes on. I feel it would be unethical to give out specific information without some kind of evaluation on what your body really wants and needs (also taking into account that you may be taking some kind of supplements or medication already and that my answer may influence the usage of them.)

For example: Calcium supplements have the potential to interact with several prescription and over-the-counter medications such as: heart medication (digoxin), thyroid medications, tetracycline, anti-epileptic drugs, diuretics, steroids, laxatives and antacids. If I told you to take a certain calcium supplement without knowing what other medications you take, how do we know if it is the right calcium for you and in the right dose considering your history? That’s just ONE supplement.

Each person is an individual and needs an individualized program. You really can’t replenish a deficiency of one particular nutrient with one multiple vitamin/mineral supplement, and some products are just better than others. Combination products are mostly NOT the best choice, and MOST people don’t eat the raw fruits and vegetables they need to get the enzymes they need to take advantage of their medications and supplements to full advantage.

Many people don’t want to pay for a consult. . .I understand that . . and if they intuitively feel drawn toward a particular nutrient, then I am happy to educate them as to the natural sources of a particular nutrient through the use of these web pages. I hope these pages help you in your journey to health. They were built with love and intention on making the world a healthier place one person at time. It’s pretty hard to overdose on any particular nutrient by ingesting it in whole food form. Supplements on the other hand. . .

Helpful links and additional handouts are also included on the bottom of each nutritional handout. The really tough part of this nutritional balancing thing is that everything is interrelated to everything else. Once you start studying about it, well. . .it gets pretty complicated pretty fast. That’s why I love the process of Muscle-testing. You can do this at home. Try the Native American way of doing the process. You may first want to read the Many Ways to Use Muscle Testing before you intuitively decide which supplements and foods are best for you.

If it all seems too overwhelming, start slowly. Sign up for my newsletter and read that for a few months. When you do that, you’ll receive a free bonus report outlining over 150 cheap, easy, fast things you can incorporate into your life starting today as you travel on your path to health. I do answer some questions I receive in the newsletter when I feel I can answer the questions to benefit the greater good of the world.

But if you want a detailed program for what is best for you, please email me for an appointment. I’m not the kind of person to keep you coming back month after month for recheck appointments. In fact, that would be totally boring for me. I like variety. I love to empower people then send them on their path after two or three visits. Some people believe you get what you pay for. It’s my goal to give way more than that. I excel at value.

Whatever you decide is fine with me. Enjoy the website and tell a friend!


Dr. Denice Moffat