Zone and Blood Type Diet

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The Zone and Blood Type Diet

Eating in the Zone For Your Blood Type

Often people have lots of questions about eating in the Zone. They don’t totally understand the “block” system. Basically a Block Balanced meal consists of one box of Protein, one box of Carbohydrate and one box of Oils/Fats.

Every protein, carb, or type of fat can be best/highly beneficial, Good/Fair, or Bad/Poor Choice.

Good proteins are easy to digest and their fat is more liquidy or soft (like fish, poultry, eggs)

Good Carbohydrates leafy green vegetables and whole raw fruits.

Good fats include fish oil, avocado, and unsaturated fats.

What I’ve done is take the Zone diet block system and put them on three separate sheets (Best, Good, and Poor Choices). The Yellow items are the foods that are OK to eat for your blood type. The Purple blocks you should try NOT to eat. There is also a volume of food for each food. This is the amount one has to eat to make up one whole Zone block.

A Zone snack is one complete block (one protein block, one carb block and one oil block)

A Zone meal is 3-4 blocks of each. Dr. Sears has pictures of the volumes of food for a typical day in his Enter the Zone part of the website. You will be amazed at how much food you can eat and you won’t be hungry.

You don’t have to use all lettuce, for example, as your only carb block for a three-block meal because that would add up to 30 heads of iceberg lettuce which would be impossible to eat with 3 ounces of fish (3 blocks of protein) and a tablespoon of oil (three blocks of oil/fat). Sometimes you have to mix and match poorer block choices to make it a volume of food that you can complete in one meal.

The Zone and Blood Type Diet Block Charts:

Zone and Blood Type Diet 1 

Blood Type O Eating in the Zone:

Blood Type A Eating in the Zone:

Blood Type AB Eating in the Zone:

Blood Type B Eating in the Zone:

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Helpful Links and References for the Zone and Blood Type Diet charts: