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Aneurysms (Aneurisms): Brain and Aortic

I have always remembered having pinpoint headaches occasionally–always on the right side of my head near the temple area. In 1995 those headaches became more frequent until that area throbbed constantly even when bending my head only five degrees. “Houston, we have a problem.” I said to myself.

I remember in veterinary school, my cardiologist telling us about how most people with aneurysms die before 8:00 a.m. because when they have a bowel movement and push, it increases their blood pressure and the aneurysm bursts. Very distressing.

The definition of an aneurysm is a sac formed by the dilatation of the wall of an artery, a vein or the heart. Signs of an aneurism is the formation of a pulsating swelling.

Symptoms to look for: An aneurysm in the aorta (around the chest/belly area) can show with signs of coughing, acid reflux, and pain in the center of the chest or localized back pain (from the balloon in the vessel pushing on the vertebrae.) Sometimes, when you take your blood pressure on both arms, the readings will differ. The blood pressure may be lower in the legs.

When the blood vessel stretches, it can look and feel like a heart attack, but it does not have as rapid an onset. Aneurisms may be tender to the touch and may cause excruciating, boring pain. I have felt aortic aneurisms by laying my fingertips lightly just above the belly button. High blood pressure can cause pulsing, but with an aneurism you can often feel a pounding pulse that is just not normal.

I noticed, with my vascular challenge that I had lots of nosebleeds as a child and I bruised very easily. I remember going for a check-up once. The doctor looked at my bruised body (it was summer and I had been doing a lot of gardening,) and asked me, “Is everything OK at home?” As if my husband was beating me! It didn’t dawn on me that some follow-up on this would be nice. I had bruised easily my entire life.

Sometimes when you are sick you know you are in trouble. I admit I was somewhat in fear of going to a medical doctor about this problem. I have been to medical doctors so much in the past with the diagnosis, “There’s nothing wrong” and “It’s all in your head.” Annoying. Especially when you KNOW something is wrong! So I did not do the medical route.

Instead, I made an appointment to see my naturopathic mentor. Discussing it I told her, “Jean, I think I have a brain aneurism.”

“Why do you think that?” She asked and I told her my symptoms. “Did you check out your Contact Reflex Analysis manual and see if you test strong on the supplements used for aneurysms?” She asked.

“Well, no.” So we checked and sure enough I tested strong on every single nutrient at the dose listed in the manual (which is always too much as I think the dosing is for your basic 240 pound male).

I took the supplements for three months then we rechecked and I no longer tested I needed them…AND, I no longer had the pin-point headaches.

Coincidence? And what about the fact that is was not diagnosed by the medical profession?

When God is trying to show me something, I will get a couple more cases to prove a point.

That next month I had a couple come in. The man had a bona fide diagnosed aortic aneurism.

“Can you help us? Carl is not strong enough to go through the surgery.” His wife asked.

So I muscle-tested his dosage of those same supplements and three months later he went in for another ultrasound.  Aneurism gone.

“We came in doubting Tommie’s and left believers” said his wife. They had never been exposed to alternative medicine before this.  I thanked them for trusting me enough to take the supplements and do as we tested out.

In the naturopathic world we have noticed that aneurysms occur when a virus attacks the vessel, the immune system is low in copper and zinc, the body is deficient in Vitamins B and E2 and the liver needs a little help with detoxification.

I have had great results with Standard Process products. As you can see I feel they have saved my own life and the lives of others.

Here is the protocol of supplements for Aneurisms:

(Sorry, but I can’t dispense Standard Process products without a client/patient relationship, so please don’t ask me to send them without making an appointment. Please note that for this particular condition it is BEST to see your doctor and have all necessary testing done before hand. Some people DO actually need surgery so this is a tricky situation.

  • Calsol® (A triple mineral which works on and stimulates the body’s immune system and creates a natural fever to eradicate infection.)
  • Cataplex E2® (Works like a natural nitroglycerin to dilate and contract the blood vessels. It also heals and repairs injured blood vessels, especially the coronary artery.)
  • Cataplex B® (Works to stimulate a slow heart.)
  • Chezyn® (An electrolyte that keeps the pancreas cells charged and alive. Contains Zinc, Copper and Iron in perfect amounts for the body–also great for macular degeneration)
  • Cholacol II® (Absorbs toxins and poisons and prevents the destruction of the liver.)

Take the above for three months. After that the patient may need residual Cataplex E2®, For-Til B12®, Cholacol II® and Cataplex B® depending on the severity and lifestyle changes incorporated into their daily regime. (I did not need the additional supplements, but I was by that time, well on the path to a healthier lifestyle.)

This is serious. If you don’t do SOMEthing, you will die. So what are you waiting for? Choose surgery or supplements.

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